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The main goal of this study is to reorganize how stroke educational materials are given to patients from written delivery of information to using verbal delivery of information. Another goal is to compare post stroke behavior and medication compliance in participants receiving the new verbal model of stroke education vs. those receiving the current written stroke education. The main question[s] it aims to answer are: Does the current delivery of stroke education provide the necessary knowledge base for patients who have suffered a stroke as measured by a stroke questionnaire? Does verbal education provide better understanding for patients post-stroke? Are patients more likely to be compliant with medications and followup visits with their medical team after receiving verbal education? Participants will receive a health literacy assessment and based on their scores will be categorized into a high health literacy (HHL) or low health literacy group (LHL). Individuals in both literacy groups will be randomized into receiving verbal or written stroke education. All participants will be tested with the stroke knowledge assessment to measure learning after education. Researchers will compare written to verbal education to see if verbal results in more stroke education and compliance.
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