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Providers use Power to determine whether a clinical trial at their site is a valid treatment for a given patient.

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Providers across the US use Power's Treatment Support Dossier

>10,000Patients matched against protocols
>400Unique providers added in 2023
Up to 85%Faster treatment decisions

Work smarter, not harder

95% Automated Matching

The Power Treatment Support Dossier has a 95% hit rate when mapping EMR data against phase 3 oncology protocols.

Consider 100+ Trials At Once

There's no limit to the number of trials you can consider when evaluating treatment via the Power Treatment Support Dossier.

< 7 Days for External Records

We quickly pull records from other specialists / the patient's GP in order to inform your treatment decision, saving you weeks of waiting.

Power is built for busy providers

Start evaluating treatment pathways today. No technical set up. Get started for free.

Identify the trials running at your site.

Quickly search by sponsor, protocol ID, or therapy to identify the trials at your site. We support bulk upload for high-volume sites.

Trial Cards

Evaluate eligibility across your full database

At a glance, see how well qualified each patient is for each of your clinical trials. If you activate a new trial, evaluate whether it's a treatment fit for your whole database.

Patient Table

Customize your treatment requirements if you disagree with a protocol

If you ever want to hold a higher-bar for treatment than what is required by a trial protocol, you can configure the pre-screening questions as you desire.

Pre-screener Question Builder
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Quickly evaluate trials as treatment for your patients

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