Democratizing access to medical research for all patients.

Mapping our values and mission at our team offsite

Mapping our values and mission at our team offsite ☀️


We believe that every patient deserves the chance to participate in a life changing clinical trial. For patients where the standard treatments have not worked, cutting edge research can present the best hope. Unfortunately, today, most patients are structurally shut out from the clinical trial system. They do not go to academic research hospitals so they’re left struggling to navigate an opaque system littered with medical jargon and middle-men.At the same time, researchers are struggling to recruit patients – roughly 86% of all clinical trials are delayed while trying to find enough patients.This is why we built Power. To increase access by empowering all patients.Power is the most patient-friendly platform for clinical trials. We are making it easy for all patients to discover promising clinical trials and get in touch with the researchers directly.Read our founding story here
In the process, we are accelerating the speed of medical innovation.


We are backed by some of the best healthcare investors and operators with a range of experience across clinical research and biopharmaceuticals. We are a small team - each of us with our own personal story and motivation to make a difference in the lives of patients.

Jeff Kindler preview

Jeff Kindler

Former CEO of Pfizer

Quita Highsmith preview

Quita Highsmith

Chief Diversity Officer at Genentech

Jason Monteleone preview

Jason Monteleone

Former CEO of Clinipace

Rodrigo Garcia preview

Rodrigo Garcia

VP of Site and Patients at PPD

Mark Joing preview

Mark Joing

CEO of Mojo Trials & Clinical Operations Executive

Maria Garcia Jimenez preview

Maria Garcia Jimenez

Medical Oncologist at UCLA

Lloryn Hubbard preview

Lloryn Hubbard

Director of Diversity at PPD

Ken Mahaffey preview

Ken Mahaffey

Associate Dean of Clinical Research at Stanford

Stephen Rosenfeld preview

Stephen Rosenfeld

IRB Advisor, Former CEO of Western IRB

Dr. Robson Capasso preview

Dr. Robson Capasso

Professor at Stanford University of Medicine

Jean Duvall preview

Jean Duvall

Board Member & CEO, Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical Industry

Priyanka Bhatt preview

Priyanka Bhatt

RWE, IRB, Data & Analytics

Adam Singer

Medical Oncologist at UCLA


Brandon Li preview

Brandon Li,

A close friend of mine discovered a brain tumor before she turned 30. I watched as she took control of her own care to enroll in a promising clinical trial which she found independently.

She deciphered medical criteria, convinced her doctors, and declined certain treatments in order to qualify. All of this on her own in an overwhelming time.

Her journey inspired us to build a platform to help other patients navigate similar situations.

Bask Gill preview

Bask Gill,

Bask is one of Power's co-founders. He's spent his career building & scaling marketplace businesses.

My Why: I had my first run in with the clinical trial space when my Dad was diagnosed with multiple myeloma (discovered when he fractured a vertebrae doing chores around the home). Despite a background in science, I struggled for weeks to understand which therapies were most promising for him, and how he might be able to access them. My hope with Power is that we can make it easier for families everywhere to evaluate and access cutting edge therapies, so folks in a similar position can spend less time on research and more time attending to their loved ones.

Srinivas Pai preview

Srinivas Pai,
Partnerships / Go-To-Market

Srinivas leads Go-To-Market at Power. Earlier in his career, he worked in partnerships, finance, business operations, and strategy roles across Flatiron Health, Better Mortgage, American Express, Boston Consulting Group, and Sanford Bernstein.

My Why: I had to navigate clinical trials when my brother-in-law was diagnosed with late-stage cancer - the information we found on clinical trial websites was dense and not actionable, and unfortunately, we lost him a few months later. My hope with Power is that patients anywhere can find, choose and enroll in the right clinical trials easily and on time.

Seurat “Sash” Samson preview

Seurat “Sash” Samson,

“I am often inspired by the stories of patients I meet. People doing their best to take their destiny into their own hands, often having to overcome painful hurdles in their journey. We will make this journey easier, and give everyone access to help.”

Sash leads Design at Power. Sash previously designed blockchain products, and built front-end UI systems for international tech companies.

Ed Lui preview

Ed Lui,
Engineering Team

Ed has been a technologist for over a decade, helping build educational products and care service marketplaces.

My partner works in an acute pediatric setting and has shared with me the challenges these families have navigating care for their children. I’m excited by the opportunity to help all patients and their loved ones find the right clinical trials for timely care.

Charlie Wright preview

Charlie Wright,

Charlie is a full stack engineer with an economics background, and is super excited by the opportunity to empower patients at scale.

“Not everyone has a family doctor, let alone access to a top-tier research hospital! I'm enthusiastic that Power can democratize patient access to novel treatments and help patients receive care that they might not otherwise have been exposed to.”

Jordan Edwards preview

Jordan Edwards,
Engineering Team

Jordan is a founding engineer at Power and has a history of building and scaling marketplace products.

My Why: In 2005 my sister Lauren, less than one year old at the time, was diagnosed with pneumonia. The symptoms escalated and what started as a common infection spiraled into a life-threatening situation. She spent over two months in the ICU with numerous surgeries and several weeks on dialysis in order to stay alive.

Thanks to her strong will and the amazing care team at SickKids hospital Lauren survived, and is now a healthy and incredibly inspiring high-school student. That situation left a lasting impact and taught me first-hand how frightening such a situation can be, and how important it is to have reason for hope during such times.

My aspiration is that Power can help anyone in a similar situation - whether it's for themselves or a loved one - to navigate the world of healthcare and find the treatment that provides hope and the best possible chance of survival.

Kami Mukherjee preview

Kami Mukherjee,
Business Operations

Kami leads business operations at Power. She has experience scaling marketplace businesses and has worked in strategy, growth, and partnership roles during her time at Accenture and Hipcamp.

My Why: I've watched my parents, who both work in healthcare, impact the lives of others in a very meaningful way, one patient at a time. I hope that my work Power can have a macro impact on patients by democratizing access to treatment and helping patients find new options for care that they may not find otherwise.

Nick Hrynuik preview

Nick Hrynuik,
Engineering Team

Nick is an experienced software developer passionate about improving health care with technology. He's built marketplaces, human resources, and biotech tools.

My Why: I'm motivated by the potential that technology has to improve public health. The technology we’re building at Power connects patients and researchers in a way that accelerates medical research, and the discovery of life-saving treatments.

Dylan Runkel preview

Dylan Runkel,
Engineering Team

Dylan is a full-stack engineer who enjoys building tools at-scale with a background in the legal and healthcare industries.

My Why: I love being able to help shape the future of healthcare. As a beneficiary of life-altering treatments created only in the last few decades, I'd like to help pay it forward to everyone that may benefit from new treatments.

John Mackay preview

John Mackay,
Partnerships/Business Development

John leads partnership and business development at Power. Earlier in his career, he worked in partnerships, sales, business operations, and several strategy and channel development roles across Acustream (acquired by Revint Solutions), Cloudmed (R1), and Accuity Healthcare. He has consistently positioned company teammates and client partners with successful enterprise growth opportunities and value added strategies.

My Why: I'll never forget the look in my Mother's eyes when she said “what are my options?”. She was battling Leukemia. Her medicine had stopped working. While sitting in the doctor's office, we were presented with just one option for a new treatment that had less than a 50/50 chance of a positive outcome. Clearly there had to be a better way, and doing all I can with Power to ensure others have treatment options is my mission.

Lauren Vamos preview

Lauren Vamos,
Project Management

Lauren manages research projects and outreach initiatives.

My Why: I grew up watching my mother participate in a clinical trial. A few years later, early in my internship with Power, I used our platform to find and participate in a clinical trial of my own. I've seen firsthand how illness can impact a family, and I’ve also seen the hope that clinical research can bring to people who manage to find and participate in trials. I hope to make this process easier for all the families like mine.

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