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We are democratizing access to cutting edge medical treatments for all patients.
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We believe that every patient deserves the chance to participate in a life changing clinical trial. For patients where the standard treatments have not worked, cutting edge research can present the best hope.
Unfortunately, today, most patients are structurally shut out from the clinical trial system. They do not go to academic research hospitals so they’re left struggling to navigate an opaque system littered with medical jargon and middle-men.
At the same time, researchers are struggling to recruit patients – roughly 86% of all clinical trials are delayed while trying to find enough patients.
This is why we built Power. To increase access by empowering all patients.
Power is the most patient-friendly platform for clinical trials. We are making it easy for all patients to discover promising clinical trials and get in touch with the researchers directly.
And in the process of doing this, we are accelerating the speed of medical innovation.


We are backed by some of the best healthcare investors and operators with a range of experience across clinical research and biopharmaceuticals. We are a small team - each of us with our own personal story and motivation to make a difference in the lives of patients.





A close friend of mine discovered a brain tumor before she turned 30. I watched as she took control of her own care to enroll in a promising clinical trial which she found independently.

She deciphered medical criteria, convinced her doctors, and declined certain treatments in order to qualify. All of this on her own in an overwhelming time.

Her journey inspired us to build a platform to help other patients navigate similar situations.


Engineering Team

I have been a technologist for over a decade, helping build educational products and care service marketplaces.

My partner works in an acute pediatric setting and has shared with me the challenges navigating care for their children.

I’m excited by the opportunity to help patients and their loved ones find the right clinical trials for timely care.


Business Team

I am a cancer survivor, and I know firsthand how anxiety-provoking a cancer diagnosis can be. At such a time, being able to find and enroll in the right clinical trial is a critical source of hope.

I had to navigate clinical trials when my brother-in-law was diagnosed with late-stage cancer - the information we found on clinical trial websites was dense and not actionable, and unfortunately, we lost him a few months later. My hope with Power is that patients anywhere can find, choose and enroll in the right clinical trials easily and on time.



I had my first run in with the clinical trial space when my Dad was diagnosed with multiple myeloma. Despite a background in science, I struggled for weeks to understand which therapies were most promising for him, and how he might be able to access them.

My hope with Power is that we can make it easier for families everywhere to evaluate and access cutting edge therapies, so folks in a similar position can spend less time on research and more time attending to their loved ones.


Engineering Team

In 2005 my younger sister Lauren, fought off a life-threatening infection. She spent over two months in the ICU with numerous surgeries and several weeks on dialysis in order to stay alive. At one point her primary care doctor estimated a 10% chance of survival.

Thanks to her strong will and the amazing care team at SickKids hospital Lauren survived, and is now a happy, healthy, and incredibly inspiring high-school student. That situation left a lasting impact and taught me how important it is to have reason for hope during such a time.

My aspiration is that Power can help anyone in a similar situation - whether it’s for themselves or a loved one - to navigate the world of healthcare and find the treatment that provides hope and the best possible chance of survival.

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