Osteoarthritis Knee Clinical Trials 2024

Osteoarthritis Knee Clinical Trials 2024

Osteoarthritis Knee research studies recruiting patients in 2024 need your help. Receive premium care & cutting edge treatments by enrolling in osteoarthritis knee clinical trials today.

Osteoarthritis Knee Clinical Trials

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need insurance to participate in a trial?
Almost all clinical trials will cover the cost of the 'trial drug' — so no insurance is required for this. For trials where this trial drug is given alongside an already-approved medication, there may be a cost (which your insurance would normally cover).
Is there any support for travel costs?
Many of the teams running clinical trials will cover the cost of transportation to-and-from their care center.
Will I know what medication I am taking?
This depends on the specific study. If you're worried about receiving a placebo, you can actively filter out these trials using our search.
How long do clinical trials last?
Some trials will only require a single visit, while others will continue until your disease returns. It's fairly common for a trial to last somewhere between 1 and 6 months.
Do you verify all the trials on your website?
All of the trials listed on Power have been formally registered with the US Food and Drug Administration. Beyond this, some trials on Power have been formally 'verified' if the team behind the trial has completed an additional level of verification with our team.
How quickly will I hear back from a clinical trial?
Sadly, this response time can take anywhere from 6 hours to 2 weeks. We're working hard to speed up how quickly you hear back — in general, verified trials respond to patients within a few days.

Introduction to osteoarthritis knee

What are the top hospitals conducting osteoarthritis knee research?

When it comes to pioneering clinical trials in the realm of osteoarthritis knee, several hospitals are leading the way. In Winston-Salem, North carolina, Wake Forest Baptist Health is making strides with three active trials focused on this condition and a total of six completed studies to their name. Their dedication to advancing knowledge in this field began recently in 2020 when they recorded their first osteoarthritis knee trial. Meanwhile, in the bustling city of New york, the Hospital for Special Surgery has been at the forefront since 1998 when they conducted their inaugural study on osteoarthritis knee. With three ongoing trials and an impressive tally of 18 completed investigations thus far, this institution remains committed to finding innovative solutions for patients.

Not too far away in Winston-Salem again but within Wake Forest University itself lies another hub of groundbreaking research. Similar to its neighboring hospital counterpart, Wake Forest University has participated in three current osteoarthritis knee clinical trials while also contributing six previous studies dating back as early as 1997.

Venturing out west brings us to Phoenix where the Arizona Research Center plays a vital role by conducting two active clinical trials dedicated solely to osteoarthritis knee conditions; however throughout these past years since initiating such exploration from2007 onwards there is already fifteen accomplished experiments under their belt highlighting significant contributions made towards combatting against Osteoarthritic Knee problems

Lastly yet importantly nestled within Duncansville region resides Altoona Center for Clinical Research which though relatively lesser-known continues playing pivotal role with currently having two ongoing tests pertaining tackling challenges posed by Osteoarthiritic Knee issues; nonetheless one can't overlook remarkable achievement gained through twenty-eight previously held investigation over fourteen years since initiation starting off that was recorded same time back till2007

These top hospitals and research centers exemplify unwavering commitment toward understanding and finding effective treatments for those suffering from osteoarthritis knees worldwide. Through their collective efforts, they bring hope for a future where managing this common joint condition becomes less daunting and quality of life for patients is greatly improved.

Which are the best cities for osteoarthritis knee clinical trials?

When it comes to osteoarthritis knee clinical trials, several cities emerge as leading destinations for cutting-edge research. Winston-Salem, North carolina takes the lead with 8 active trials investigating treatments like Oxytocin, Diet and Exercise, and GID SVF-2 Device System. Miami, Florida closely follows with 7 ongoing studies focused on interventions such as LY3016859 Chronic Back pain ISA and Pentosan Polysulfate Sodium twice weekly. San Antonio, Texas also has 7 active trials exploring treatments including Pentosan Polysulfate Sodium twice weekly and Journey II BCS TKA. These cities offer individuals suffering from osteoarthritis knee valuable opportunities to participate in innovative clinical trials that pave the way for advancements in care.

Which are the top treatments for osteoarthritis knee being explored in clinical trials?

[Osteoarthritis knee](https://www.withpower.com/clinical-trials/osteoarthritis-knee) research is driving forward with promising treatments being explored in clinical trials. At the forefront is oxytocin, currently involved in three active trials dedicated to osteoarthritis knee. This novel treatment made its debut on the scene in 2020 and has already attracted seven all-time trials for this condition. Another noteworthy contender is intervention therapy, which also boasts three ongoing trials and was first listed in 2021. Additionally, moving well therapy shows promise as a one-trial newcomer making waves since its introduction in 2022. Lastly, cannabidiol (CBD) joins the lineup with one active trial and two all-time osteoarthritis knee studies since its listing last year. As researchers delve deeper into these innovative approaches, hope grows brighter for individuals battling osteoarthritis of the knee.

What are the most recent clinical trials for osteoarthritis knee?

Exciting advancements are being made in the field of osteoarthritis knee treatment through recent clinical trials. One promising study focuses on the use of Celltex- AdMSCs, which has entered Phase 2 and holds potential for improving symptoms associated with this condition. Another intervention trial, spanning both Phase 1 and Phase 2, aims to explore new approaches for managing osteoarthritis knee. Additionally, GNSC-001 at a low dose is currently undergoing Phase 1 testing as a potential treatment option. In another study called RHH646 in Phase 2, researchers are examining its efficacy in alleviating symptoms related to osteoarthritis knee. Lastly, an ongoing intervention trial in its fourth phase seeks to further enhance our understanding and management of this debilitating condition. These cutting-edge studies offer hope for individuals suffering from osteoarthritis knee by potentially providing innovative solutions and improved quality of life.

What osteoarthritis knee clinical trials were recently completed?

In April 2022, Mayo Clinic concluded a clinical trial exploring the potential of Ropivacaine Continuous Infusion for osteoarthritis knee. ZetrOZ, Inc. also completed a trial in February 2022, investigating the efficacy of Sustained Acoustic Device with 2.5% Diclofenac Patch. Eli Lilly and Company finished their LY356318 study in October 2021, alongside Novo Nordisk A/S's completion of a semaglutide 2.4 mg trial during the same period. These recent milestones highlight ongoing efforts to advance treatments for osteoarthritis knee and offer hope to individuals impacted by this prevalent condition.