Power Life Sciences Scholarship for Clinical Trial Accessibility

  • Scholarship Value

    We award $4000 USD worth of scholarships every year.

  • $2000 USD for a high school, undergraduate, masters, or doctoral student, enrolled in a US based high school, college or university.

  • $2000 USD for an undergraduate, masters, or doctoral student, 18 years or older, enrolled in a non-US based college or university.

  • Scholarship winners will also be eligible to publish their work in our journal.

Student Samantha

"As a pre-med student it's pretty great to get an actual publication along with the scholarship."


  • Objective of the scholarships

    This scholarship is our way to support talented students who are passionate about biomedical and biopharmaceutical innovation.

    Clinical trials surface a ton of data every year - but aspiring innovators and clinicians need to learn how to contextualize, interpret, and dig deeper into that information in order to make sound decisions.

    Submissions are open every year from January 1st to June 30th. Recipients will be notified by July 1st each year.

  • Selection criteria

    Clinical Trial Data Notes is our peer-reviewed journal with the mission to improve outcomes for patients and sponsors by increasing the volume, quality, and utility of data available to all members of the clinical trial ecosystem.

    This scholarship will not be awarded on the basis of academic performance; the selection will be based on an ability to critically analyze real clinical trial data in the style of our journal.

    Importantly, scholarship winners will be eligible for publication in our journal if that is of interest to them.

    Applicants must submit a Data Note analysis of clinical trials in the style of our journal (max 5 pages). An example of a Data Note analysis can be found here.

    Applicants must submit

    • Proof of enrollment at a participating institution.

    • A PDF draft of your analysis (max 5 pages), adhering to our publication guidelines here.

    • Student information will not be sold or distributed to any third parties without an opt-in from students. Any submitted application material will be primarily used for the purpose of evaluation for the scholarship award. Submitted data will not be disclosed to any third parties without an opt-in from the students.