HCC Clinical Trials 2024

HCC Clinical Trials 2024

HCC research studies recruiting patients in 2024 need your help. Receive premium care & cutting edge treatments by enrolling in hepatocellular carcinoma clinical trials today.

HCC Clinical Trials

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need insurance to participate in a trial?
Almost all clinical trials will cover the cost of the 'trial drug' — so no insurance is required for this. For trials where this trial drug is given alongside an already-approved medication, there may be a cost (which your insurance would normally cover).
Is there any support for travel costs?
Many of the teams running clinical trials will cover the cost of transportation to-and-from their care center.
Will I know what medication I am taking?
This depends on the specific study. If you're worried about receiving a placebo, you can actively filter out these trials using our search.
How long do clinical trials last?
Some trials will only require a single visit, while others will continue until your disease returns. It's fairly common for a trial to last somewhere between 1 and 6 months.
Do you verify all the trials on your website?
All of the trials listed on Power have been formally registered with the US Food and Drug Administration. Beyond this, some trials on Power have been formally 'verified' if the team behind the trial has completed an additional level of verification with our team.
How quickly will I hear back from a clinical trial?
Sadly, this response time can take anywhere from 6 hours to 2 weeks. We're working hard to speed up how quickly you hear back — in general, verified trials respond to patients within a few days.

Introduction to hcc

What are the top hospitals conducting hcc research?

In the battle against hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), some of the top hospitals specializing in clinical trials are making remarkable strides. Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, located in the vibrant city of New york, has emerged as a frontrunner with five active HCC trials and a total of 20 completed studies dedicated to this complex condition. Their first recorded trial on HCC dates back to 2007, highlighting their long-standing commitment to improving outcomes for patients.

Heading down south to Houston, we find two renowned medical centers making significant contributions. M D Anderson Cancer Center leads the charge with five ongoing HCC trials and an impressive history of 27 completed studies since their initial trial in 2002. Meanwhile, MD Anderson Cancer Center is also actively engaged in four current HCC trials, having conducted a total of 13 research projects since embarking on their first trial in 2007.

Expanding our exploration across states brings us to City of Hope in Duarte where researchers are diligently working on four active HCC trials while building upon their previous thirteen investigations that began back in 2002. Finally, at Dana Farber Cancer Institute situated within Boston's prestigious medical landscape, experts are currently conducting four clinical trials focused on HCC treatment options as part of their commitment towards these cases which they initiated from launching its debut investigation into this field only seven years ago during2014

These esteemed institutions collectively represent hope for those affected by hepatocellular carcinoma - offering cutting-edge treatments and advancements through rigorous research efforts. With every trial undertaken and breakthrough achieved at these leading hospitals comes renewed optimism for patients fighting against this aggressive form of liver cancer

Which are the best cities for hcc clinical trials?

When it comes to HCC clinical trials, several cities emerge as frontrunners in research and development. New york City leads the pack with 35 active trials investigating treatments like Nivolumab, SRF388, and Pembrolizumab. Houston closely follows with 31 ongoing studies examining interventions such as Meclizine Oral Tablet, cabozantinib, and Resin microspheres containing yttrium-90 (Y-90). Los Angeles boasts 25 active trials focused on options like Nivolumab, Telatinib, and Pembrolizumab. Boston also plays a significant role with 23 ongoing trials exploring Durvalumab, Nivolumab, lenvatinib,and others. Lastly,Dallas hosts 19 active trials studying therapies including Nivolumab,Dose Expansion Part: CRC Subpart: E7386 + Lenvatinib,and Arm3:Livmoniplimab Dose B+ Budigalimab.These cities serve as hubs of innovation for individuals seeking cutting-edge HCC clinical trial opportunities that drive progress towards improved outcomes.

Which are the top treatments for hcc being explored in clinical trials?

Clinical trials are paving the way for advancements in treating hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). Among the top treatments being explored are:

  • Nivolumab: Currently involved in six active HCC trials, with a total of 49 all-time trials since its introduction in 2012.
  • Pembrolizumab: Showing promise with five ongoing clinical trials for HCC and a solid track record of 38 all-time trials since 2016.
  • Atezolizumab: Making strides in four ongoing HCC trials, joining the field in 2018 after accumulating 34 previous clinical trials.
  • Durvalumab: Engaged in three active HCC studies and having debuted on the scene back in 2015 with a cumulative count of 30 clinical trials.
  • SRF388: Emerging as a new player with two current HCC trials and two past investigations following its listing just last year.

These treatments represent significant progress, offering renewed hope to patients battling hepatocellular carcinoma.

What are the most recent clinical trials for hcc?

Recent clinical trials have brought promising advancements in the treatment of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). One notable study is focused on Livmoniplimab and Budigalimab, which are being evaluated as a combination therapy for HCC patients in Arm 3 of a Phase 2 trial. Another trial investigates the potential benefits of Tegavivint as a single agent dosing regimen for HCC. Additionally, there is ongoing research examining Transarterial Embolization with Hydroxychloroquine and Part B Dose Expansion Combination treatments for HCC. These studies provide hope for improved outcomes and expanded therapeutic options in the fight against HCC.

What hcc clinical trials were recently completed?

Numerous clinical trials targeting hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) have recently concluded, showcasing advancements in treatment strategies for this aggressive liver cancer. Notably, a trial sponsored by Hoffmann-La Roche investigated the efficacy of RO7119929 and wrapped up in July 2020. Additionally, an innovative study led by Ajit H. Goenka, MD explored the potential of 68Ga-PSMA-11 PET/MRI and reached completion in June 2019. Alongside these efforts were investigations into nivolumab sponsored by the National Cancer Institute (NCI), GLYCAR T cells conducted at Baylor College of Medicine, [68Ga]DOTATATE-PET/MRI carried out at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, among other remarkable initiatives from esteemed institutions like Bayer and Johns Hopkins' Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center. These milestones highlight ongoing dedication to combating HCC through cutting-edge research.