Liver Cancer Clinical Trials 2024

Liver Cancer Clinical Trials 2024

Liver Cancer research studies recruiting patients in 2024 need your help. Receive premium care & cutting edge treatments by enrolling in liver cancer clinical trials today.

Liver Cancer Clinical Trials

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need insurance to participate in a trial?
Almost all clinical trials will cover the cost of the 'trial drug' — so no insurance is required for this. For trials where this trial drug is given alongside an already-approved medication, there may be a cost (which your insurance would normally cover).
Is there any support for travel costs?
Many of the teams running clinical trials will cover the cost of transportation to-and-from their care center.
Will I know what medication I am taking?
This depends on the specific study. If you're worried about receiving a placebo, you can actively filter out these trials using our search.
How long do clinical trials last?
Some trials will only require a single visit, while others will continue until your disease returns. It's fairly common for a trial to last somewhere between 1 and 6 months.
Do you verify all the trials on your website?
All of the trials listed on Power have been formally registered with the US Food and Drug Administration. Beyond this, some trials on Power have been formally 'verified' if the team behind the trial has completed an additional level of verification with our team.
How quickly will I hear back from a clinical trial?
Sadly, this response time can take anywhere from 6 hours to 2 weeks. We're working hard to speed up how quickly you hear back — in general, verified trials respond to patients within a few days.

Introduction to liver cancer

What are the top hospitals conducting liver cancer research?

When it comes to the battle against liver cancer, several top hospitals are leading the way in groundbreaking clinical trials. One of these institutions is the renowned Mayo Clinic located in Rochester. With 10 active liver cancer trials currently underway, Mayo Clinic demonstrates its commitment to finding new treatments and solutions for this challenging disease. Although they have only recorded two liver cancer trials thus far, their first trial was initiated as recently as 2018.

Another prominent hospital making significant strides in liver cancer research is Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New york City. Currently conducting eight active trials, this esteemed institution has already completed an impressive 28 studies dedicated to liver cancer since embarking on its first trial back in 2003.

In Houston, M D Anderson Cancer Center also stands out with eight ongoing clinical trials focused specifically on liver cancer. They have a history of conducting 14 previous studies since recording their inaugural trial for this condition in 2002.

Meanwhile, Washington University School of Medicine in Saint Louis has made notable contributions to the field as well. This prestigious institution currently has six active clinical trials dedicated to advancing our understanding and treatment options for patients with liver cancer. Since starting their first trial related to this disease in 2002, they have completed a total of eight investigations.

Lastly, but certainly not least important is Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center based out of Boston which conducts five current research endeavors pertaining solely towards avoiding fatal impacts caused by Liver Cancers; while theirs can be traced only around recent years from beginning it's primary live-trial experimentations dating back till year 2001 they've managed successfully accomplish six such tests all-time

These hospitals represent beacons of hope and progress for those affected by liver cancer worldwide. Through their relentless dedication and tireless efforts within countless scientific breakthroughs being achieved every day; these medical centers truly symbolize inspiration proving that even the most challenging diseases can be overcome one step at a time

Which are the best cities for liver cancer clinical trials?

Boston, Massachusetts; Los Angeles, California; Houston, Texas; New york, New York; and Chicago, Illinois emerge as the top cities for liver cancer clinical trials. These locations offer individuals access to cutting-edge research with a wide range of active trials studying various treatments such as Pembrolizumab, Nivolumab, Ipilimumab, Atezolizumab, and more. With 26 active trials in Boston and 21 each in Los Angeles and Houston, these cities stand out as hotspots for liver cancer research. Additionally, New York City and Chicago contribute to this important field with 20 and 18 ongoing trials respectively. From coast to coast across the United States these cities provide hope through innovative approaches in the fight against liver cancer.

Which are the top treatments for liver cancer being explored in clinical trials?

The pursuit of effective liver cancer treatments is ongoing, with several promising options currently being explored in clinical trials. Pembrolizumab stands out as a frontrunner, with four active trials and six all-time liver cancer trials since its introduction in 2016. Atezolizumab and durvalumab are also making strides, each involved in three active trials and five all-time liver cancer trials (atezolizumab listed in 2020 and durvalumab listed the same year). Additionally, a pharmacological study holds promise with two active trials and three all-time liver cancer trials since its initiation back in 2008. These advancements bring hope to patients living with this challenging disease as researchers continue their dedicated efforts towards finding new treatment avenues.

What are the most recent clinical trials for liver cancer?

Exciting advancements are being made in the realm of liver cancer research, with recent clinical trials exploring novel treatments and combinations. One such trial is investigating Arm 1, a comprehensive approach to combat liver cancer that encompasses both Phase 2 and Phase 3 studies. Additionally, regorafenib has shown promise as a potential treatment option for liver cancer patients, while durvalumab plus tremelimumab is being evaluated in a Phase 3 trial. Another study focuses on the combination of zimberelimab and domvanalimab in treating this challenging condition. These latest developments bring hope to individuals affected by liver cancer, highlighting the ongoing efforts to improve treatment outcomes and quality of life for patients.

What liver cancer clinical trials were recently completed?

Several clinical trials exploring potential treatments for liver cancer have recently reached completion, highlighting advancements in this field. In August 2020, Celldex Therapeutics concluded a trial investigating the efficacy of CDX-527. Additionally, the National Cancer Institute wrapped up their study on nivolumab in June 2019. Another notable trial was conducted by Celldex Therapeutics and focused on CDX-1140; it was completed in December 2017. These developments showcase the ongoing efforts to find effective therapies for liver cancer and provide hope for patients facing this challenging disease.