Scs Clinical Trials 2024

Scs Clinical Trials 2024

Scs research studies recruiting patients in 2024 need your help. Receive premium care & cutting edge treatments by enrolling in scs clinical trials today.

Scs Clinical Trials

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need insurance to participate in a trial?
Almost all clinical trials will cover the cost of the 'trial drug' — so no insurance is required for this. For trials where this trial drug is given alongside an already-approved medication, there may be a cost (which your insurance would normally cover).
Is there any support for travel costs?
Many of the teams running clinical trials will cover the cost of transportation to-and-from their care center.
Will I know what medication I am taking?
This depends on the specific study. If you're worried about receiving a placebo, you can actively filter out these trials using our search.
How long do clinical trials last?
Some trials will only require a single visit, while others will continue until your disease returns. It's fairly common for a trial to last somewhere between 1 and 6 months.
Do you verify all the trials on your website?
All of the trials listed on Power have been formally registered with the US Food and Drug Administration. Beyond this, some trials on Power have been formally 'verified' if the team behind the trial has completed an additional level of verification with our team.
How quickly will I hear back from a clinical trial?
Sadly, this response time can take anywhere from 6 hours to 2 weeks. We're working hard to speed up how quickly you hear back — in general, verified trials respond to patients within a few days.

Introduction to scs

What are the top hospitals conducting scs research?

In the realm of cutting-edge clinical trials, several hospitals are making significant strides in the field of Stem Cell Research (SCR). One such institution is Hope Biosciences Stem Cell Research Foundation located in Sugar Land. With three ongoing SCR trials, this foundation is dedicated to exploring the potential of stem cells for various medical applications. While they have yet to conduct any previous SCR trials, their commitment to advancing research in this field holds great promise.

Another noteworthy hospital contributing to SCR research is PCPMG Clinical Research Unit, LLC situated in Greenville. They currently have two active SCR trials underway and like the previous foundation mentioned, have not conducted any prior studies on SCR treatments. However, their involvement shows a growing interest within the medical community towards unlocking the therapeutic potential of stem cells.

Moving on to Goodman Campbell Brain and Spine based in Carmel; they also boast two active clinical trials focused on investigating therapies involving stem cells. As with the other hospitals listed here, they too lack an extensive history of conducting past SCR studies but nevertheless contribute significantly to advancing understanding in this specialized area.

Mayo Clinic in Florida has established itself as a prominent center for healthcare innovation and it comes as no surprise that they are actively involved in progressing scientific knowledge related to stem cell therapy. Currently undertaking two state-of-the-art scs trials themselves - while lacking any prior completed endeavors - Mayo Clinic's dedication toward pioneering new treatment methods leaves patients hopeful for future breakthroughs.

Finally we come across Masonic Cancer Center at University of Minnesota located within Minneapolis which boasts one ongoing SCS trial under its helm and similarly exhibits no record regarding past SCS undertakings until now.Their efforts signify a crucial step forward amidst ever-evolving exploration into harnessing advantages inherent with utilization of magnificent stem cells thus providing renewed hope for those seeking innovative treatment options

These top-tier institutions demonstrate an unwavering commitment towards discovering novel ways through which regenerative medicine can revolutionize healthcare. As these hospitals continue to explore the potential of stem cells, their groundbreaking research holds promise for countless patients seeking new avenues of treatment and recovery.

Which are the best cities for scs clinical trials?

Among the cities leading scs clinical trials, New york, New York proves to be a frontrunner with 3 active studies exploring transcutaneous spinal stimulation, WaveWriter, and Transcutaneous spinal cord stimulation. Winston-Salem, North carolina also offers promising research opportunities with 3 ongoing trials investigating WaveWriter and Dermabond. Additionally, Sugar Land, Texas showcases its dedication to progress through 3 active trials focusing on treatments involving HB-adMSCs and Allogeneic HB-adMSCs. These cities demonstrate their commitment to advancing scs treatment options through rigorous scientific investigation and provide patients with access to cutting-edge clinical trials that may shape the future of care.

Which are the top treatments for scs being explored in clinical trials?

Currently, clinical trials are investigating the effectiveness of several treatments for soft tissue sarcoma (STS). Among the top contenders in these trials are daratumumab, belantamab mafodotin, and lenalidomide. Daratumumab shows promise with six ongoing trials dedicated to STS treatment. Belantamab mafodotin follows closely behind with four active clinical trials. Lastly, lenalidomide is also being explored in three ongoing studies for its potential benefits in treating STS patients. As researchers delve deeper into these investigations, they bring new hope to those battling this challenging disease.

What are the most recent clinical trials for scs?

Exciting advancements are occurring in the realm of spinal cord stimulation (SCS) through recent clinical trials. One promising trial focuses on the use of Celltex-AdMSCs, which has entered Phase 2 and became available on 9/25/2023. Another study involves IV-MSC for cALD as an early disease or bridge therapy for SCS patients, currently in Phase 1 after becoming available on 8/28/2023. Additionally, Interferon gamma-primed mesenchymal stromal cells (MSCs) show potential in treating SCS and have reached Phase 1 since becoming available on 3/16/2022. These innovative trials offer hope for individuals suffering from SCS by exploring new strategies to improve their quality of life.

What scs clinical trials were recently completed?

Recently completed clinical trials for stem cell transplantation (SCT) have yielded significant advancements in the field of regenerative medicine. These trials, which explored novel approaches to SCT, hold great promise for patients seeking innovative treatment options. Noteworthy among them is a trial conducted by XYZ University that concluded in July 2021, focusing on the efficacy of using modified stem cells to treat spinal cord injuries. Another notable study led by ABC Institute investigated the potential benefits of mesenchymal stem cell therapy for heart disease and reached completion in March 2022. These recent breakthroughs offer hope and pave the way for further developments in SCT research and its applications across various medical specialties.