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Patient Reviews

Jody R.7/14/2020

ONCOLOGY CENTER AND HOSPITAL: 5 starsThe staff are attentive, knowledgeable, and kind. All rooms and waiting rooms are cleaned… show more

D M.10/2/2021

I will never go back to BSW and have already found a new pcp. I spent 2 days on a gurney in the ER waiting for a bed. The room… show more

Jamilla E.1/25/2022

Their Emergency Room staff and doctors are HORRIBLE! I honestly don't think they could care any less about the actual patients.… show more

Peter P.7/1/2021

WARNING - STAY AWAY - PRICE GOUGING HAZARDI went here for an initial consultation with a blood panel, nothing fancy, nothing prescribed,… show more

Tom K.5/10/2021

The doctors associated with this hospital are great. But the administration is horrible. I have paid tens of thousands of dollars… show more

Reba S.12/1/2021

On 11/8/21 visited Neuro w husband who has AZ. He needed me to be present. I have severe asthma and cannot breathe w masks. I have… show more

Jeanie D.12/22/2020

I was seen 2 week ago in Wylie, today the DR. is booked today , so did evisit. The NP did not give me a refill on antibiotics,… show more

Michael C.5/22/2020

BSW is doing their fair share to protect us from infection. From the minute you step through the door, you are screened for your… show more

Sunstar D.3/26/2021

ad a Thoracentesis here in Radiology department recently. Not a pleasant experience. After the procedure, I experienced crushing… show more

Destiny Q.2/24/2021

Fuck this place they pick and choose who they take care of. I was in an accident and have been waiting 4 hours while others were… show more

Robert R.7/25/2019

Baylor Scott & White Emergency Department. Excellent Drs. On Staff.Dr. Benjamin Reed, took great care of me today. Very polite,… show more

George D.11/23/2018

Wife has excruciating migraine for the last 6 hrs, was told by clinic to take her to emergency room. Been here for 1 hr and have… show more

Sheila S.11/2/2020

Normally, I would prefer to have an in person appointment but due to COVID -19 went for video visit. It was okay. Problem here… show more

Tiffany N.3/9/2020

The worst ER visit ever! The Resident was not very experienced. They did not address my primary concern (chest pains/pressure)… show more

Jane L.8/15/2020

My mother was admitted to the ER and I am out of state. I get a call from the hospital but they don't leave a message. I call… show more

Dominik D.12/22/2019

A fairly large and nice medical center. It seems like a quiet little waiting room in the ER. There are all sorts of affiliated… show more

Kimra N.6/15/2020

I will never come here again. Unsafe waiting rooms. Poor management. Don't bring your loved ones here. To clarify, the waiting… show more

Tricia J.12/30/2019

Just left the emergency room after two hours of being told "were just about to be called back. My daughter has been in massive… show more

Eric G.4/2/2019

Unless you're in dire need of care do not go to Baylor Scott & White! You've been warned! The company employs deceptive billing… show more

Tracy S.9/25/2019

I went to the BS,W in Georgetown. Do yourself a favor, NEVER go to one of these clinics! They over charge you on annual blood… show more

Leshea W.1/26/2021

I just want to give a shout out to Dr Rupakula's staff and himself. They are awesome people to work with. I have been on a rough… show more

Martin F.5/23/2019

Last night my sister in law bleed out internally because the nurse wouldnt listen to us. She insisted on a Bp reading while my… show more

Kim H.5/19/2020

I will never go to Baylor Scott and White Clinic on University Avenue again. First, I saw an Internal Medicine doctor that had… show more

Bolt O.11/18/2020

I went to get a procedure, financial person spend about 1hr looking at my insurance, they came back with a cost, and asked me if… show more

Marisaa P.12/20/2019

hey don't be 5 minutes late because of traffic or they'll have to reschedule you because they book appointments too close together… show more

Dawn G.9/28/2019

Worst emergency room. They don't elevate patients on importance. It's a glorified doctor's office. Take a number. We sat for 1… show more

Mark M.6/24/2019

In mid-March I had a surgery on my knee. Like always I was told to pay my portion immediately. Once the dust settled I realized… show more

Michael L.4/12/2019

I would never recommend Scott & White hospitals to anyone because of the way they bill they bill is if you're in the hospital so… show more

M M.4/18/2019

The physicians and entire staff at BSW Round Rock have superseded ALL expectations. Each department provides me with Exceptional… show more

KK B.3/14/2019

ER visit. Really great nurses and efficient care from them. The doctors were not thorough and were slow to see the patient. Took… show more

Benjamin F.11/19/2019

I would not go here unless I have no other options. Their lab charged me $500 to test for blood sugar/diabetes. And that's after… show more

K S.7/21/2020

I would never imagine that a medical facility would require the patient to do the work for them to be able to get an appointment… show more

Kat D.10/25/2019

This is specifically for the mental health department. I did not feel safe or welcome here. I felt as though it was a huge waste… show more

Jason M.5/1/2020

AVOID THIS HOSPITAL. My parents visited here recently for my mother's feet. They are both elderly. My mom has heart problems… show more

Allison W.2/28/2019

Tried to be seen by the neurologist in the clinic there, was told I needed to attend a class first, so I go and am turned away… show more