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Episode #4: Exploring Technology and Patient Engagement in Clinical Trials with Bryan Wylie

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Episode Description

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Today’s guest is Bryan Wylie, Global and Scientific Director of Clinical Affairs, Operations, and Field. He joins today’s episode to share his thoughts about the significance of patients in the process of clinical trials and how harnessing technology can enhance the overall success of clinical trials. 

This episode explores the intersection of patient-centricity, technology, and efficiency. Bryan provides valuable insights on the importance of putting patients at the heart of clinical studies and how technology is transforming the way these trials are conducted. Bryan also discusses the role of sponsors, effective pre-planning, and team collaboration in improving patient enrollment and enhancing overall trial efficiency. 

Topics discussed: 

  • The importance of patient-centricity in clinical trials and how it contributes to the overall success of these studies. 
  • The role of sponsors in simplifying complex scientific data for patients, thus enhancing patient interaction and participation. 
  • The application of AI technology in clinical studies, including the concept of a safety score decipherable by patients. 
  • The potential of technology in helping sites manage resources efficiently and tailor patient follow-ups. 
  • The importance of effective pre-planning and team collaboration in improving patient enrollment in clinical trials. 
  • The use of modern tools for patient education and recruitment to streamline processes and enhance efficiency. 
  • The potential risks and mistakes sponsors might make when implementing new methods. 
  • The challenges and solutions for patient recruitment in medical device trials. 
  • The impact of streamlining enrollment and creating an easier application process on trial retention and diversity. 

About the podcast

Power to the Patients is a LinkedIn Live and podcast series hosted by Power where clinical research leaders across sponsors, sites, CROs, and patient advocacy groups discuss patient centricity in clinical trials. We explore the bottlenecks in today's systems, challenge the status quo and talk about future opportunities for innovation.

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