11 podcasts to keep you in the know on clinical trials

With over 30,000 clinical trials registered with the National Institute of Health every year, it is incredible to witness the advances in medicine and healthcare. With the sheer volume of information, it can be a challenge keeping up with new developments which is why clinical trial podcasts are a valuable resource. You can conveniently learn everything from the latest in biotech and new trends, to riveting stories about researchers, healthcare providers, and patients.

It doesn't matter whether you are a clinical trial coordinator or an enthusiast looking to learn more - clinical trial podcasts are worth a listen. Here is a list of some of our favorites to make choosing the right one easier.

Finding podcasts about clinical research

Sometimes clinical researchers need to investigate a specific topic, like "clinical trial recruitment challenges." Of course, you could always search online to get thousands of results, but another option is to add the word podcast after your topic. You may find an episode with all the necessary information, plus some insightful discussion and analysis. Medical podcasts can provide helpful new views, ideas, or connections.

So, if you are interested in learning more about what is happening in the medical world, read on and check out some of the best medical and clinical trial podcasts available to stream. .

11 of the best clinical trial podcast series

1. Clinical Trial Podcast

This podcast series is for all aspiring and current healthcare professionals, from clinical trial researchers and study managers to biostatisticians and medical doctors. Hosted by Kunal Sampat, an educator in clinical trial management, this series is filled with in-depth discussions featuring industry experts such as biotech executives, physicians, and research managers.

Here, professionals share their unique points of view on all things clinical trial related, allowing you the opportunity to better understand the industry's current and future outlook. You can listen to the podcast series on the website, and it is also available on Apple Podcasts.

Recent episodes include:

  • Heart Failure Clinical Trials with Sonna Patel-Raman
  • Medical Imaging for Clinical Trial Sites with Kelie Luby
  • 5 Strategies for Investigator and Steering Committee Meetings with Kunal Sampat

2. Rethinking Clinical Trials Podcast

The series is an extension of the Grand Round webinars conducted by the NIH Pragmatic Trials Collaboratory, where guest speakers can share more about their experiences and current issues pertaining to clinical trials. This one is for those looking for clinical trial podcasts more geared toward practical applications and problems.

NIH Pragmatic Trials Collaboratory is an organization that aims to improve the national capacity for large-scale, cost effective research studies and clinical trials. Their weekly Grand Rounds webinars gather industry experts and leaders to discuss the latest clinical trials, their results, problems, and potential solutions. To learn more about their podcast series, check out their website, Apple Podcasts or SoundCloud to hear the latest episodes.

Recent episodes include:

  • FDA Draft Guidance on Real-World Evidence with John Concato, MD, MS, MPH
  • Searching for a Unicorn: Understanding Stakeholder Perspectives When Selecting Outcomes for Outpatient Trials with Christopher Lindsell, PhD
  • Survivor Corps: Long-Term COVID-19 Patient Engagement with Diana Berrent, JD; Natalie Lambert, Ph.D.; and Nick Guthe

3. The Clinical Trial Guru

This podcast series is hosted by Dan Sfera, a clinical research consultant who has been part of the industry since 2005. This content is for any clinical trial professional looking for more information and insight into the industry, whether they are a clinical trial coordinator, researcher, or manager.

Refreshingly honest and uncensored, Dan gives his thoughts and debates with other industry experts about the good and bad in the realm of clinical trials. Together, he and his guests navigate topics such as clinical trial operations, recruitment, and biotech innovations. With over 600 episodes currently online, there is a wealth of knowledge available. You can catch the series on various platforms like Stitcher and Apple Podcasts or listen to the podcasts on their website.

Recent episodes include:

  • Lack of Standardization In Clinical Research Can Be Chaotic For Sites
  • CRC Turned Clinical Research Site Director Turned Consultant Talks Key Site Issues
  • Honest Conversation on Managing Clinical Research Coordinators, Growing A Site, and More!

4. Research Round-UpThis podcast series is produced by the Primary Care Collaborative Cancer Clinical Trials Group (PC4), an organization based in Australia that is dedicated to all aspects of cancer research, including prevention, treatment, policy, and palliative care.

With new episodes uploaded every month, guest hosts sit down with research authors to discuss the recently released articles in this area. It is a great listen for anyone focused on cancer research - even patients and family members. Notes for all their episodes are available on PC4's website, and you can also listen to the series on Soundcloud and Apple Podcasts

Recent interviews include:

  • Patient Involvement in Research with Research Fellow Dr. Gemma Skaczkowski from the University of South Australia
  • Head and Neck Cancer with Associate Professor Dani Margalit and Dr. Rebecca Venchiarutti 
  • Author Interview with Dr. Mohamad Saab from the University College Cork, Ireland, to discuss his paper: Referring High-Risk Individuals for Lung Cancer Screening

5. To Care is Human

This podcast is for those looking for a clinical trial podcast that is more patient-centric. It is produced by the Beryl Institute, an independent organization based in Nashville, Tennessee, that strives to improve patient experiences worldwide through its extensive connections and resources across the US and 80 other countries.

To Care is Human is a weekly podcast hosted by executives within The Beryl Institute, namely, Jason A. Wolf (CEO and President), Tiffany Christensen (Vice President), and Stacy Palmer (COO and Senior Vice President). They interview healthcare and clinical trial experts as well as patients to learn more about their experiences, problems in patient care, and potential solutions. Podcasts are available on their website and Apple Podcasts.

Recent interviews include:

  • The importance of Culture in Healthcare with Dr. Karnna Peirre
  • Forgive Yourself for Being Human - A Story of Bipolar Disorder
  • "My lungs on the x-ray looked like ground up glass": A COVID Recovery Story

6. Drug Discovery World Podcast

This narrated podcast series features articles from the quarterly business review published by Drug Discovery World (DDW). By covering topics such as drug molecule identification, pre-clinical trial research, authorization, and application, DDW provides insight to many in the field. So, it doesn't matter if you are a scientist or clinical research consultant, there is something here for everyone to learn.

DDW is a platform that follows both the scientific and business side of the global pharmaceutical industry and biotech sector, from research and development through to clinical trials and the market itself. The podcasts narrate its most popular, relevant articles and share key stories to keep listeners up-to-date on the latest trends in the industry. You can listen to all their episodes on their website, Stitcher, Google Podcasts, and Apple Podcasts.

Recent episodes include:

  • DDW Highlights – Developments in multiple myeloma, atopic dermatitis, Alzheimer's, late-stage melanoma, and acute myeloid leukemia hosted by Megan Thomas
  • Finding the Right Cancer Drug with High-Content Screening from Volume 23, Issue 1
  • Is Genomic Data the New Frontier in Drug Discovery?"- Two articles from Volume 23, Issue 1

7. Medtech Talk Podcast

This podcast is hosted by Geoff Prado, a general partner at Glide Healthcare who has been in the medical technology (medtech) field for the last two decades. In each episode, he sits down with business leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs to talk about the business behind healing people.

Conversations are honest and insightful, providing an eye-opening look into the financial and managerial systems that keep healthcare, medical research, and clinical trials going.

MedTech Talk is powered by MedTech MVP, an organization for medtech professionals such as investors, strategists, start-ups, service providers, and consultants to exchange knowledge on the commercial aspects of the medtech sector. To learn more about their podcast, check out their website or listen to episodes on Apple Podcasts.

Recent interviews include:

  • Forces of Good to Transform the Medtech Space with Fred Khosravi, Chairman, and CEO of Imperative Care
  • Artificial Intelligence and Increasing Patient Access to Life-Saving Treatments with Chris Mansi, MD, the CEO of Viz.ai
  • Multidisciplinary Innovation in the Medical Device and Consumer Product Markets with Standford Professor Dr. Joshua Makower

8. Empowered Patient Radio

Hosted by Karen Jagoda, this podcast converses with healthcare professionals, like medical doctors and clinical trial researchers, about the dynamics of the healthcare and medical research sectors, recent innovations and breakthroughs in bio-pharmaceutics and digital health, age-related diseases, and challenges in the medical marketplace.

It is a well-rounded series in which anyone in the field can gain new perspectives and information, from students and clinical researchers to patient advocates and investors. Listen on Apple Podcasts and Tune In or visit their website for transcripts and to learn more.

Recent episodes include:

  • Multiplexed Diagnostic Test for Detecting Levels of Multiple Antibodies with Dr. Tadd Lazarus, CEO of CytoReason
  • Dental Implant Technology Revolutionizing Attachment of Prosthesis for Amputees with Tom Dugan, president of Integrum

9. Totally Clinical: Trial Triumphs and Rad Trends

Totally Clinical is one of those clinical trial podcasts that doesn't hold back. This entertaining series covers everything from protocols and best practices to patients and placebos, with candid, in-depth discussions with various clinical trial professionals. You can learn about the latest trends, challenges, and breakthroughs that are shaping the field.

This podcast comes from Teckro, a company that modernizes the clinical trial process from start to finish with digital solutions to streamline the industry. Visit Apple Podcasts or their website to check out all the discourse.

Recent episodes include:

  • The Hole in the Middle: How Site and Sponsor Relationships Suffer with CRA Turnover–with remote site monitor Ashley Margo
  • Leveraging Video for Clinical Trial Success with David Grew, a radiation oncologist

10. Laboratory Considerations for Clinical Trials

Of the many clinical trials podcasts out there, this one focuses on the factors sponsors, investors, clinical trial consultants, and researchers need to consider when preparing and undertaking a clinical trial. It is produced by Q Squared Solutions, an organization that provides clinical trial laboratory services such as biomarker testing, specimen management, and data management.

This series interviews clinical trial professionals and experts to gather their insights on all aspects of clinical trial research, such as drug development, biotech, operations, supply chain, risk mitigation, and more. To listen to all their episodes, visit Apple Podcasts.

Recent discussions include:

  • The potential of applying Flow Cytometry as an IVD technology for CDx with Scott Bornheimer, Associate Director of Medical and Scientific Affairs at BD Biosciences
  • Flexible Approaches for Biotech Companies in Clinical Trials

11. Medevidence: Truth Behind the Data

This podcast examines the practical elements of clinical trial research, making it ideal for anyone looking to gain insight into what goes on behind the scenes of a clinical trial. Hosts Michelle McCormick and Dr. Micheal Koren interview different clinical researchers, medical doctors, and other clinical trial professionals for their expertise and opinions in the field. Discussions range from the difficulties and issues faced to the latest protocols and solutions available today.

MedEvidence is produced by ENCORE Research Group, a clinical research organization that runs clinical trials for medications, medical devices, vaccines, and diagnostic tools. You can listen to episodes on Audible and Apple Podcasts.

Recent discussions include:

  • Research Ambassadors for the Next Generation with Adrian Rowda, ARNP, a second-generation clinical researcher
  • MedEvidence Monday Minute: Damar Hamlin's hit from a Cardiologist Researcher's Perspective