Acne Vulgaris
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ClascoteroneThe Generic name of this drug
Treatment SummaryClascoterone is a drug used to treat acne. It works by blocking the androgen receptor, stopping the signals that cause acne. Clascoterone was approved by the FDA in August 2020 to treat acne in people 12 years and older. It is also being studied as a possible treatment for hair loss related to androgens.
Winleviis the brand name
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Winlevi Overview & Background
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How Winlevi Affects PatientsClascoterone is a drug that works by blocking testosterone and another hormone (DHT) that can cause skin issues such as acne and hair loss. In tests, it was shown to reduce acne in a dose-dependent manner. Clascoterone mainly works at the site of application and has minimal systemic effects. In clinical trials, some people experienced decreased hormone levels in the body after two weeks of topical treatment. These levels went back to normal when they stopped taking the drug.
How Winlevi works in the bodyAcne and androgenetic alopecia are both caused by hormones called androgens. Androgens cause the skin to produce too much sebum, and can cause inflammation. Clascoterone works by blocking androgens from binding to receptors. This stops the androgens from signaling the skin to produce too much sebum or inflammation, which helps reduce acne breakouts and improve hair loss caused by androgenetic alopecia.

When to interrupt dosage

The measure of Winlevi is contingent upon the diagnosed affliction. The amount of dosage likewise changes with the approach of delivery stipulated in the accompanying table.
Acne Vulgaris
0.01 mg/mg,
Cream - Topical, Cream, , Topical


Common Winlevi Drug Interactions
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Winlevi Toxicity & Overdose RiskThe toxicity of clascoterone is unknown, including what the lethal dose would be and what would happen if someone were to overdose.
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Winlevi Novel Uses: Which Conditions Have a Clinical Trial Featuring Winlevi?

18 ongoing studies are currently evaluating the potential of Winlevi to address Acne.
Clinical Trials
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Acne Vulgaris
25 Actively Recruiting
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Winlevi Reviews: What are patients saying about Winlevi?

5Patient Review
Winlevi for Acne
I've been struggling with hormonal acne for years, but this product has finally helped clear up my skin. I'm so thankful!
5Patient Review
Winlevi for Acne
This cream is nothing short of amazing. It's cleared up my acne better than any other product I've tried, and it doesn't dry out my skin like so many others have.
5Patient Review
Winlevi for Acne
Winlevi cleared up my cystic acne in just three days!
5Patient Review
Winlevi for Acne
This medication has done wonders for my hormonal acne. My skin looks better than it ever has, and I would highly recommend it to others suffering from a similar issue.
4.7Patient Review
Winlevi for Acne
Winlevi has been an amazing treatment for my hormonal cystic acne. After a long and difficult battle with Spironolactone, I finally found something that works with zero side effects. If you're struggling like I was, definitely give this topical prescription a try.
4.7Patient Review
Winlevi for Acne
I've been using Winlevi for two months now, and it's really helped with my hormonal acne. It doesn't dry out or irritate my skin the way some other treatments can, and it's just overall a great product that I would recommend to anyone struggling with similar issues.
3.7Patient Review
Winlevi for Acne
I've only been using Winlevi for two weeks, but my face looks significantly worse. I'm hoping this is one of those situations where "it gets worse before it gets better," like with Tretinoin.
2.7Patient Review
Winlevi for Acne
I've been using Winlevi for two months now, and my acne has never been worse. I'm in a lot of pain from it - cystic acne under my skin makes it hard to move my lips or smile. I hope my dermatologist will take me off this medication soon.
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Patient Q&A Section about winlevi

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What is Winlevi used for?

"The drug WINLEVI (clascoterone) cream 1% is designed to treat acne vulgaris and is intended for use by patients who are at least 12 years old."

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Does Winlevi make your skin worse before better?

"The following side effects may occur: redness, itching, peeling, or dryness of the skin. If any of these effects persist or worsen, tell your doctor or pharmacist promptly. Keep in mind that your doctor prescribed this medication because they believe the benefits of the drug outweigh the risks of side effects."

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How quickly does Winlevi work?

"If you start using Winlevi (clascoterone), it may take up to 3 months for your skin to get better. If your acne does not start to improve right away, it might mean that the medication needs more time to work."

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Is Winlevi the same as spironolactone?

"The FDA just approved a new cream called Winlevi, which could replace the popular off-label use of spironolactone pills. This is the first new acne medication to be approved since Accutane (isotretinoin) in 1982. So how does it work, and what makes it so groundbreaking?"

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Clinical Trials for Winlevi

Have you considered Winlevi clinical trials? We made a collection of clinical trials featuring Winlevi, we think they might fit your search criteria.
Have you considered Winlevi clinical trials? We made a collection of clinical trials featuring Winlevi, we think they might fit your search criteria.
Have you considered Winlevi clinical trials? We made a collection of clinical trials featuring Winlevi, we think they might fit your search criteria.