Tardive Dyskinesia
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What is Ingrezza

ValbenazineThe Generic name of this drug
Treatment SummaryValbenazine (brand name Ingrezza) is an FDA-approved drug for the treatment of Tardive Dyskinesia in adults. It was introduced in April 2017 as the first and only treatment for this condition. It has also been studied for its use in treating Tourette Syndrome.
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Ingrezza Overview & Background
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Approved as Treatment by the FDA

Valbenazine, also called Ingrezza, is approved by the FDA for 1 uses including Tardive Dyskinesia .
Tardive Dyskinesia
Helps manage Tardive Dyskinesia (TD)


How Ingrezza Affects PatientsValbenazine works by reducing the amount of certain neurotransmitters (chemicals in the brain) available for use in the body. How exactly this works to treat tardive dyskinesia is not fully understood, but it is thought to be the reason for its effectiveness.
How Ingrezza works in the bodyValbenazine and its active metabolites bind to and block a protein called VMAT2. This protein normally allows noradrenaline, dopamine, and serotonin to be stored in cells. By blocking VMAT2, the amount of these neurotransmitters released by cells is decreased, and they are more likely to be broken down by other proteins in the cell. Valbenazine and its active metabolites do not bind to any other proteins at a significant level, meaning it is unlikely to cause other effects in the body.

When to interrupt dosage

The proposed dosage of Ingrezza is contingent upon the diagnosed illness. The amount of dosage is contingent upon the method of delivery (e.g. Capsule - Oral or Capsule) as mentioned in the table below.
Tardive Dyskinesia
40.0 mg, , 80.0 mg, 60.0 mg
Capsule - Oral, Capsule, Oral, , Kit, Kit - Oral


Ingrezza has one contraindication and should not be taken alongside the conditions described in the following table.Ingrezza Contraindications
Risk Level
Severe Hypersensitivity Reactions
Do Not Combine
Valbenazine may interact with Toxoplasma Infections
There are 20 known major drug interactions with Ingrezza.
Common Ingrezza Drug Interactions
Drug Name
Risk Level
The metabolism of Amitriptyline can be decreased when combined with Valbenazine.
The metabolism of Amoxapine can be decreased when combined with Valbenazine.
The metabolism of Astemizole can be decreased when combined with Valbenazine.
The metabolism of Axitinib can be decreased when combined with Valbenazine.
The metabolism of Cabazitaxel can be decreased when combined with Valbenazine.
Ingrezza Toxicity & Overdose RiskThere is no evidence that this drug increases a person's risk of cancer, changes in genes, or affects fertility. Taking it with strong CYP2D6 or CYP3A4 inhibitors, or in people who are poor CYP2D6 metabolizers may cause a long QT interval. No information is available on what happens when someone takes too much.
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Ingrezza Novel Uses: Which Conditions Have a Clinical Trial Featuring Ingrezza?

An investigation is currently being conducted to analyze the potential therapeutic value of Ingrezza in the management of Tardive Dyskinesia (TD).
Clinical Trials
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Tardive Dyskinesia
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Ingrezza Reviews: What are patients saying about Ingrezza?

3.7Patient Review
Ingrezza for Abnormal Movements of Face Muscles and Tongue
While this drug was successful in curbing my abnormal movements, I unfortunately experienced significant weight gain as a result - about 70 pounds in the span of one year.
1.7Patient Review
Ingrezza for Abnormal Movements of Face Muscles and Tongue
The only effect of this treatment has been to cause blurred vision. I did not see any improvement after two months, and I would urge the creators to stop conning people into buying this product!
1Patient Review
Ingrezza for Abnormal Movements of Face Muscles and Tongue
This treatment was absolutely horrible. I experienced parkinsonian side effects like stiff muscles, shaking mouth and tongue, hands and legs, and drooling. It was the worst case scenario of Parkinson's Disease. Thankfully, my symptoms improved within days of quitting Ingrezza.
1Patient Review
Ingrezza for Abnormal Movements of Face Muscles and Tongue
Unfortunately, I had a really severe reaction to this medication. After just two pills (80 mg each), I developed facial swelling and an awful rash that was so itchy I couldn't sleep.
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Patient Q&A Section about ingrezza

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What are the side effects of Ingrezza?

"urinary incontinence

Drowsiness, fatigue, dry mouth, constipation, difficulty paying attention, blurred vision, urinary retention, falls, and urinary incontinence are all side effects of taking Benadryl."

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What kind of drug is Ingrezza?

"VMAT2 inhibitors like Ingrezza work by decreasing the amount of dopamine in the brain, which helps to improve symptoms of TD."

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Is Ingrezza an antipsychotic?

"No, Ingrezza is not an antipsychotic agent. Instead, it is a VMAT2 inhibitor (vesicular monoamine transporter-2 inhibitor). VMAT2 is responsible for the uptake of dopamine, a brain chemical. By blocking VMAT2, Ingrezza slows the uptake of dopamine. This helps to reduce the unwanted body movements of tardive dyskinesia (TD) caused by long-term use of antipsychotics."

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What is Ingrezza used for?

"Valbenazine is a prescription medicine used to treat tardive dyskinesia in adults. Tardive dyskinesia is a condition characterized by uncontrolled movements in the face, tongue, or other body parts."

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