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25 Lidocaine Clinical Trials Near Me
Top Hospitals for Lidocaine Clinical Trials
Image of Montreal General Hospital in Quebec.
Montreal General Hospital
2Active Trials
0All Time Trials for Lidocaine
2018First Lidocaine Trial
Image of University of Pittsburgh Medical Center in Pennsylvania.
University of Pittsburgh Medical Center
1Active Trials
0All Time Trials for Lidocaine
2022First Lidocaine Trial
Top Cities for Lidocaine Clinical Trials
Lidocaine Clinical Trials by Phase of Trial
Phase < 1 Lidocaine Clinical Trials
3Active Lidocaine Clinical Trials
3Number of Unique Treatments
3Number of Active Locations
IV LidocaineLidocaine Hydrochloridelidocaine/ ketamine infusion
Lidocaine Clinical Trials by Age Group
< 18 Lidocaine Clinical Trials
6Active Lidocaine Clinical Trials
Lidocaine Hematoma BlockPreservative Free Lidocaine GroupEndotracheal Suctioning (ETS)J-Tip with 0.25mL of 1% Lidocaine with placebo creamLidocaineMandibular infiltration dental anesthesia with Articaine
Most Recent Lidocaine Clinical Trials
Top Treatments for Lidocaine Clinical Trials
Treatment Name
Active Lidocaine Clinical Trials
All Time Trials for Lidocaine
First Recorded Lidocaine Trial
Lidocaine IV
Lidocaine patch
IV Lidocaine

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Michael Gill holds a Bachelors of Science in Integrated Science and Mathematics from McMaster University. During his degree he devoted considerable time modeling the pharmacodynamics of promising drug candidates. Since then, he has leveraged this knowledge of the investigational new drug ecosystem to help his father navigate clinical trials for multiple myeloma, an experience which prompted him to co-found Power Life Sciences: a company that helps patients access randomized controlled trials.

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