Top 10 Clinical Trial Patient Recruitment Companies in 2023

Patient recruiting for clinical trials is a vital yet challenging step in clinical research, and has traditionally been one of the principal sources of delay in study start-up. In order to avoid costly delays and shortcomings in enrollment, trial sponsors might prefer to outsource recruitment and outreach efforts to companies with specialized expertise in clinical trial recruitment. If you’d like to know more about why recruitment often presents difficulties for sponsors and sites, have a read through our article about clinical trial recruitment challenges.

In this post, we first discuss some key things to keep in mind when looking for a partner to help you with clinical trial recruitment, and then we offer a list of the top 10 companies offering clinical trial recruiting services in 2023.

clinical trial recruiting services

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Top 10 clinical trial recruitment companies

Let’s finish the top-10 list with 9 more top patient recruitment companies. All of the organizations listed here have specialized expertise and proven track records, and are well-equipped to help you with recruiting patients for clinical trials.

Note that these organizations are not listed in any particular order; they all have extensive experience, but each offers their own unique spin on patient recruiting for clinical trials.

1. StudyKIK

StudyKIK offers a qualification and recruitment process to support sites in reaching enrollment targets. They create custom-tailored solutions, and their in-house Patient Communication Team helps sites find verified patients who are highly motivated. StudyKIK also offers PatientTracker, a platform for tracking, analyzing, and communicating with study participants.

2. Splash Clinical

Splash Clinical offers innovative marketing solutions, leveraging social media, data analytics, and mobile technologies to help sites reach qualified participants for their studies. They assign a dedicated Campaign Manager to create custom digital marketing strategies for your study site. They also support global patient recruitment, with demonstrated experience in 30+ countries around the globe.

3. Antidote

Antidote offers full-service clinical trial patient recruitment. They support both sponsors and sites in finding eligible patients by identifying target profiles through their partner network of 300+ organizations, and subsequently through pre-screening and validation steps. They also provide site-follow ups to close the recruitment loop.

4. Trialbee

Trialbee offers two main patient recruitment solutions. Trialbee Hive™ is a data-driven recruitment approach wherein data science is applied to real-world data (RWD) to find qualified patients. Trialbee Honey™ is a centralized participant management platform where sites can map the patient journey from candidacy through to enrollment.

5. SubjectWell

SubjectWell offers a clinical trial marketplace and focuses on using broad education campaigns to introduce people to the idea of clinical research participation and its benefits. Once a prospect registers and expresses interest in participating in clinical research, they are screened against eligibility criteria for multiple studies until a suitable study is found. A highlight is that sponsors pay only for randomized patients.

6. BBK Worldwide

BBK Worldwide offers adaptable and hybrid solutions for clinical trial patient recruitment and engagement, connecting patients and researchers through their TrialCentralNet® platform. BBK Worldwide has worked with several major names in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries, and offers a range of services to sponsors, sites, and patients alike (such as patient travel logistics), and place high importance on meaningful and authentic engagement with patients.

7. PatientEvolution

PatientEvolution offers patient education, patient recruitment, and patient lifecycle management services, and has been helping deliver qualified patients to clinical trial sites quickly and efficiently since 2015. Their cloud-based platform, PatientEvolution™ is able to geo-locate, pre-screen, and track patients throughout the recruitment funnel.

8. Clariness

Clariness offers solutions for patient recruitment for clinical trials globally. Clariness boasts 17 years of experience in patient recruitment and engagement, and their ClinLife® technology has been used by thousands of sites in over 50 countries. Their team of over 70 employees offers recruitment services in 35 languages, promising “cost-effective and rapid conversion of referrals to randomizations.”

9. AutoCruitment

AutoCruitment is revolutionizing the recruitment process for clinical trial sponsors, touting a 60% reduction in cost per randomized subject. They use a “hyper-targeted” online platform to recruit, screen, and refer new patients for clinical trials. Autocruitment mobilizes over 1,500 direct-to-patient online channels, and has reached over 247 million participants for 578 trials, for over 124 conditions and counting.

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