Tailored Program for Medication Adherence

Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, Cincinnati, OH
Medication Adherence+1 More ConditionsTailored Program - Behavioral
15 - 24
All Sexes

Study Summary

This trial will test a tailored program for 40 young adults with cancer to see if it meets criteria and is easy/acceptable to use.

Eligible Conditions
  • Medication Adherence
  • Cancer

Treatment Effectiveness

Study Objectives

1 Primary · 11 Secondary · Reporting Duration: End of study enrollment period, approximately 12 months after enrollment initiation

Week 4
Acceptability & Adherence Scale
Adjective Rating Scale
Medical Adherence Measure
System Usability Scale
Month 18
Assessment Completion
Intervention Fidelity: Contact
Intervention Fidelity: Content
Intervention Fidelity: Duration
Intervention Fidelity: Length
Retention Rate
Month 12
Enrollment Rate
Week 4
Electronically Monitored Medication Adherence

Trial Safety

Awards & Highlights

No Placebo Group
All patients enrolled in this trial will receive the new treatment.

Trial Design

1 Treatment Group

Tailored Program
1 of 1

Experimental Treatment

40 Total Participants · 1 Treatment Group

Primary Treatment: Tailored Program · No Placebo Group · N/A

Tailored Program
Experimental Group · 1 Intervention: Tailored Program · Intervention Types: Behavioral

Trial Logistics

Trial Timeline

Screening: ~3 weeks
Treatment: Varies
Reporting: end of study enrollment period, approximately 12 months after enrollment initiation

Who is running the clinical trial?

Children's Hospital Medical Center, CincinnatiLead Sponsor
772 Previous Clinical Trials
5,425,883 Total Patients Enrolled
St. Jude Children's Research HospitalOTHER
409 Previous Clinical Trials
5,302,749 Total Patients Enrolled
Seattle Children's HospitalOTHER
272 Previous Clinical Trials
5,215,822 Total Patients Enrolled
University of CincinnatiOTHER
396 Previous Clinical Trials
619,543 Total Patients Enrolled
Meghan E McGrady, PhDPrincipal InvestigatorChildren's Hospital Medical Center, Cincinnati

Eligibility Criteria

Age 15 - 24 · All Participants · 0 Total Inclusion Criteria

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are individuals who are below the age of 80 being admitted to this medical trial?

"Participants must be between 15 and 24 years old in order to qualify for this clinical trial." - Anonymous Online Contributor

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What are the eligibility criteria for participation in this trial?

"This clinical trial is welcoming 40 individuals aged 15-24 who have been diagnosed with cancer and are currently taking oral chemotherapy or prophylactic medication. It is essential that applicants meet these criteria before applying for the study." - Anonymous Online Contributor

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Are there any vacancies to join this scientific exploration?

"According to the clinicaltrials.gov database, this study is not presently accepting new participants. Initially posted on February 6th 2023 and last edited January 20th 2023, it appears that recruitment has ended for the time being. There are still 556 other trials actively seeking patients at present though." - Anonymous Online Contributor

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