Active cerebellum rTMS for Schizophrenia

McLean Hospital, Belmont, MA
Targeting 2 different conditionsRepetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS) +1 moreN/ARecruitingLed by Mark Halko, PhDResearch Sponsored by Mclean Hospital

Study Summary

This trial will use transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) to study how hallucinations work in schizophrenia and whether or not the magnetic field can improve symptoms.

Eligible Conditions
  • Schizophrenia
  • Schizoaffective Disorder

Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion Criteria

You will be eligible if you check “Yes” for the criteria below
You have been diagnosed with schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorder.
You have been diagnosed with schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorder.


Screening ~ 3 weeks
Treatment ~ Varies
Follow Up ~baseline, 1 week after tms
This trial's timeline: 3 weeks for screening, Varies for treatment, and baseline, 1 week after tms for reporting.

Treatment Details

Study Objectives

Outcome measures can provide a clearer picture of what you can expect from a treatment.
Primary outcome measures
Auditory Hallucination Rating Scale (AHRS) Scale (AHRS)
Positive and Negative Syndrome Scale (PANSS)
Scale for the Assessment of Positive Symptoms (SAPS)
+1 more

Trial Design

2Treatment groups
Active Control
Placebo Group
Group I: Active cerebellum rTMSActive Control1 Intervention
Cerebellar targeted iTBS, twice daily, one week.
Group II: Sham cerebellum rTMSPlacebo Group1 Intervention
Cerebellar targeted sham iTBS, twice daily, one week.

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Who is running the clinical trial?

Mclean HospitalLead Sponsor
203 Previous Clinical Trials
20,427 Total Patients Enrolled
16 Trials studying Schizophrenia
830 Patients Enrolled for Schizophrenia
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical CenterOTHER
822 Previous Clinical Trials
6,994,027 Total Patients Enrolled
20 Trials studying Schizophrenia
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National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH)NIH
2,689 Previous Clinical Trials
2,389,158 Total Patients Enrolled
240 Trials studying Schizophrenia
88,228 Patients Enrolled for Schizophrenia
Mark Halko, PhDPrincipal Investigator
Mclean Hospital

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Frequently Asked Questions

These questions and answers are submitted by anonymous patients, and have not been verified by our internal team.

How many individuals have thus far enlisted in this clinical investigation?

"Affirmative. shows that the trial, which was initially published on October 13th 2021, is actively searching for participants. 68 individuals must be recruited from 1 medical facility in order to proceed with this research study."

Answered by AI

Is there still an opportunity to join this medical experiment?

"Data found on shows that this research study is still searching for participants; the posting was initially made on October 13th 2021 and revised most recently on August 10th 2022."

Answered by AI

Who is eligible to participate in this medical research?

"This research project is seeking 68 participants, aged between 18 and 55 years old with a diagnosis of schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorder."

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Is there an age cap for applicants to this research project?

"Patients that meet the age criteria of 18 and below 55 years old can join this medical trial."

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Who else is applying?

What state do they live in?
How old are they?
18 - 65
What site did they apply to?
McLean Hospital
What portion of applicants met pre-screening criteria?
Met criteria
How many prior treatments have patients received?
Recent research and studies
~41 spots leftby Oct 2026