Curcumin for Chronic Kidney Disease

University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA
Chronic Kidney Disease+1 More ConditionsCurcumin - Drug
45 - 74
All Sexes
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Study Summary

This trial will test whether curcumin can improve vascular function and cognitive function in patients with CKD by reducing oxidative stress and inflammation.

Eligible Conditions
  • Chronic Kidney Disease
  • Cognitive Decline

Treatment Effectiveness

Phase-Based Effectiveness

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Phase 2

Study Objectives

1 Primary · 2 Secondary · Reporting Duration: 12 months

12 months
Large artery stiffness
Vascular endothelial function

Trial Safety

Phase-Based Safety

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This is further along than 68% of similar trials

Side Effects for

21%Gastrointestinal issues
6%Tingling of tongue/mouth
6%Warming or redness of face
6%Eye redness, dryness, or swelling
3%Skin irritation
This histogram enumerates side effects from a completed 2021 Phase 4 trial (NCT02494141) in the Curcumin ARM group. Side effects include: Gastrointestinal issues with 21%, Tingling of tongue/mouth with 6%, Warming or redness of face with 6%, Eye redness, dryness, or swelling with 6%, Headache with 3%.

Awards & Highlights

All Individual Drugs Already Approved
Therapies where all constituent drugs have already been approved are likely to have better-understood side effect profiles.

Trial Design

2 Treatment Groups

1 of 2
1 of 2

Experimental Treatment

Non-Treatment Group

88 Total Participants · 2 Treatment Groups

Primary Treatment: Curcumin · Has Placebo Group · Phase 2

Experimental Group · 1 Intervention: Curcumin · Intervention Types: Drug
PlaceboComparator Group · 1 Intervention: Placebo · Intervention Types: Other
First Studied
Drug Approval Stage
How many patients have taken this drug
FDA approved

Trial Logistics

Trial Timeline

Screening: ~3 weeks
Treatment: Varies
Reporting: 12 months

Who is running the clinical trial?

Stanford UniversityOTHER
2,221 Previous Clinical Trials
34,903,510 Total Patients Enrolled
University of Colorado, DenverOTHER
1,640 Previous Clinical Trials
1,659,537 Total Patients Enrolled
Diana JalalLead Sponsor
1 Previous Clinical Trials
25 Total Patients Enrolled
University of Colorado, BoulderOTHER
110 Previous Clinical Trials
28,731 Total Patients Enrolled

Eligibility Criteria

Age 45 - 74 · All Participants · 1 Total Inclusion Criteria

Mark “Yes” if the following statements are true for you:
You have a body mass index (BMI) less than 35 kg/m2.

Frequently Asked Questions

What other scientific investigations have been conducted on Curcumin?

"Curcumin, a natural compound found in the spice turmeric, is currently being trialed in 17 separate studies. 3 of these investigations are classified as Phase 3 trials. Most of the research for Curcumin is based out of Farmington Hills, Michigan; however, there are 21 total locations running clinical trials for this substance." - Anonymous Online Contributor

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Would I be able to join this medical study?

"The aim of this study is to enrol 88 individuals aged 45-74 who have a diagnosis of chronic kidney disease (CKD). In order to qualify, potential participants must also meet the following requirements: CKD stage IIIB and IV, BMI<35 kg/m2, Able to give informed consent." - Anonymous Online Contributor

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What is the FDA's official stance on curcumin?

"Curcumin has been found to be safe in Phase 2 trials, but more research is needed to support its efficacy." - Anonymous Online Contributor

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If an adult is not yet 50 years old, can they participate in this research?

"This particular clinical trial is testing a new medication for people aged 45 to 74. In contrast, there are 69 other trials currently underway for patients under 18 and 1038 medical studies involving seniors." - Anonymous Online Contributor

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Are people with the required medical conditions currently being accepted into this trial?

"That is correct. The listings on say that the trial is recruiting patients. This particular study was first posted on 1/30/2018, and the most recent update was 1/3/2022. They are looking for a total of 88 participants at one location." - Anonymous Online Contributor

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How many people will be included in this research project?

"Yes, that is correct. The website has information about this trial and it is looking for 88 participants at 1 location." - Anonymous Online Contributor

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