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Satisfaction, Patient
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Study Summary

This study is evaluating whether virtual postoperative visits are as effective as in-office visits for patients undergoing minimally invasive hysterectomy.

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Treatment Effectiveness

Effectiveness Progress

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Study Objectives

This trial is evaluating whether Virtual visit will improve 1 primary outcome, 1 secondary outcome, and 1 other outcome in patients with Satisfaction, Patient. Measurement will happen over the course of 2-weeks.

Patient satisfaction at 2-weeks
Post-operative complications
Unscheduled visits

Trial Safety

Safety Progress

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Trial Design

2 Treatment Groups

Office visit
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Virtual visit
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Active Control
Experimental Treatment

This trial requires 180 total participants across 2 different treatment groups

This trial involves 2 different treatments. Virtual Visit is the primary treatment being studied. Participants will all receive the same treatment. There is no placebo group. The treatments being tested are not being studied for commercial purposes.

Virtual visit
Patients will have 2-week post-operative virtual visit
Office visit
Patients will return to the office for a 2-week post-operative visit

Trial Logistics

Trial Timeline

Approximate Timeline
Screening: ~3 weeks
Treatment: Varies
Reporting: 2-weeks
This trial has the following approximate timeline: 3 weeks for initial screening, variable treatment timelines, and roughly 2-weeks for reporting.

Closest Location

Cleveland Clinic - Cleveland, OH

Eligibility Criteria

This trial is for female patients aged 18 and older. There are 4 eligibility criteria to participate in this trial as listed below.

Mark “yes” if the following statements are true for you:
Age greater than 18
The patient is able to provide consent without assistance. show original
English speaking
A person with access to a phone or other device equipped for virtual visits can have a conversation with a friend or family member who is located elsewhere show original

Patient Q&A Section

What causes satisfaction, patient?

"The most important components to increase patient satisfaction are good communication between health care provider and the patients, respectful attitude of patients, and easy registration for patients." - Anonymous Online Contributor

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What are common treatments for satisfaction, patient?

"A relatively strong association exists between a large number of different satisfaction domains and patient quality of life scores in the health system samples. The strong correlations among scores on many of the specific domains suggest that improvement in a satisfaction domain could substantially improve the patient experience." - Anonymous Online Contributor

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What is satisfaction, patient?

"Patient satisfaction is highly variable. Future research to explore why a patient may or may not feel satisfied with their GP's services should be sought." - Anonymous Online Contributor

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How many people get satisfaction, patient a year in the United States?

"Overall satisfaction in health care appears high at 90%. This is an absolute level, but can also be expressed as a proportion of satisfaction with care and satisfaction in general at 89% and 88%, respectively. The proportion of the public that is dissatisfied in general with their care is relatively low at 19%; but rises to 39% when only the best-performing physicians are considered. Patient-reported satisfaction is generally stable over the course of time." - Anonymous Online Contributor

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Can satisfaction, patient be cured?

"Both the overall quality and satisfaction with health care were high in Switzerland, with little difference according to level of education. Satisfaction, however, varied by patient. The cure for patient satisfaction was not investigated in this study, but further research is urgently needed. It would be interesting to examine whether there is a genuine divide between patient satisfaction and outcomes such as life expectancies, morbidity, and disability." - Anonymous Online Contributor

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What are the signs of satisfaction, patient?

"Signs of patient satisfaction with a dentist include a good relationship between practitioner and patient, and the willingness of the dentist to work hard to maintain that relationship and provide dental care as needed." - Anonymous Online Contributor

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Have there been other clinical trials involving virtual visit?

"Results from a recent paper of this study do not support the idea that patients' perception of clinical trial outcome is more favourable when they receive an online patient visit instead of a telephone interview. The main limitation of this study is that there were few significant differences between the two clinical study groups with respect to some secondary measures. Further randomized controlled trials are needed to test the effectiveness of the practice of delivering medication via the internet to patients." - Anonymous Online Contributor

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Has virtual visit proven to be more effective than a placebo?

"There were no differences in the participants' ratings of satisfaction between the patient and patient educator who received only a printed patient education tool, as compared with a patients' educator who received another patient education tool (the patient educator who received the two documents), regardless of the type." - Anonymous Online Contributor

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What are the latest developments in virtual visit for therapeutic use?

"Most [virtual visits (VVs)] can be considered as a therapeutic tool when necessary. Although the clinical and psychometric aspect of VV may be improved, the ethical aspect will be compromised and further investigations are necessary in this field." - Anonymous Online Contributor

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How does virtual visit work?

"The value of the VR experience was recognized by a majority of patients and their families, which suggests that the use of VR with routine visits is a reliable tool to meet their needs." - Anonymous Online Contributor

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What are the common side effects of virtual visit?

"The authors found that the most common side effects as listed by the participants in the study were fatigue, tiredness, and dizziness. Data from a recent study show that patients undergoing the virtual visit experience less severe and less common side effects than those who visit the emergency center in-person. Virtual health care may be safe and efficient in terms of patient care. However, it is imperative that this practice be adequately validated in the health care setting so that patients and physicians can be informed of its limitations." - Anonymous Online Contributor

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