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Do you have late-stage kidney cancer or do you have advanced soft tissue sarcoma? There's a potential option - Pazopanib, which has the brand name Votrient. Votrient Clinical Trials were conducted, and it went through three stages. People can get Votrient tablets via prescription.

Getting a prescription drug on the market is far from a simple process. These trials are very important so that the manufacturers can prove that they are producing things that can help patients who need help with their chances of surviving these diseases.

What Are Votrient Clinical Trials?

There were 435 overall participants in the clinical trials for Votrient. It started in April 2006 and concluded in December 2014. A portion of the people in the trial received a placebo tablet and the others received an 800 mg tablet once a day. This was conducted for up to two years or if the patient died in the interim. The people conducting the study wanted to see if they had a Complete Response, Partial Response, or if the disease progressed.

Why Is Votrient Being Studied In Clinical Trials?

It was created by Novartis and the trials were conducted to see how efficient it was in helping people who have kidney cancer or soft tissue sarcoma that was diagnosed in the late stages of the disease. They wanted to see how long the people who were involved in the study survived without having their cancer progress any further than they already had.

How Does Votrient Treatment Work?

The treatment is simple. Patients take an 800 mg tablet once a day every day. They need to make sure that they take it two hours before a meal or two hours after they have eaten it. They are also supposed to swallow the whole pill and not crush or break up the tablet. If it turned out that the tablet was too big, they needed to talk to their doctor to find out what they should do next.

What Are Some of the Breakthrough Clinical Trials Involving Votrient? noted in 2020 that Votrient held promise for both children and adults who had soft tissue sarcomas. It was seen as a good addition to the usual regimen of having radiation therapy and even possibly chemotherapy before surgery. This is because it can kill a lot of the tumor before any surgery is done - and this may help the overall survival rate of people who have this condition.

Who Are The Key Opinion Leaders On Votrient Clinical Trial Research?

The National Cancer Institute has been one of the more vocal proponents of how Votrient could be an asset in the fight against kidney cancer and soft tissue sarcoma. The Physician Engagement Report was also in support of Votrient.

While there are side effects to Votrient, such as possible liver damage and stomach damage, it is considered an excellent option for people who are suffering from these forms of cancer. They tend to feel that this chance is better than not having one at all.

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