Dr. Debra M. Prow

McFarland Clinic PC - Ames

Expert in Cancer
Expert in Lung Cancer
125 reported clinical trials
185 drugs studied
4 years of experience

Area of expertise

Global Leader
Debra M. Prow has run 54 trials for Cancer. Some of their research focus areas include:
Stage IV
Stage III
2Lung Cancer
Global Leader
Debra M. Prow has run 22 trials for Lung Cancer. Some of their research focus areas include:
Stage IV
Stage III
Stage II

Affiliated Hospitals

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McFarland Clinic PC - Ames
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Mary Greeley Medical Center

Clinical Trials Debra M. Prow is currently running

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Trastuzumab Emtansine

for Salivary Gland Cancer

This phase II trial tests whether ado-trastuzumab emtansine works to shrink tumors in patients with HER2-positive salivary gland cancer that has come back (recurrent), spread to other places in the body (metastatic), or cannot be removed by surgery (unresectable). Trastuzumab emtansine is a monoclonal antibody, called trastuzumab, linked to a chemotherapy drug called emtansine. Trastuzumab attaches to HER2 positive cancer cells in a targeted way and delivers emtansine to kill them. Trastuzumab emtansine may work better compared to usual treatment of chemotherapy with docetaxel and trastuzumab in treating patients with salivary gland cancer.
Recruiting1 award Phase 2
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Stereotactic Radiation + Immunotherapy

for Kidney Cancer

This phase II trial tests whether the addition of radiation to the primary tumor, typically given with stereotactic ablative radiation therapy (SABR), in combination with standard of care immunotherapy improves outcomes in patients with renal cell cancer that is not recommended for surgery and has spread to other places in the body (metastatic). Radiation therapy uses high energy photons to kill tumor cells and shrink tumors. Stereotactic body radiation therapy uses special equipment to position a patient and deliver radiation to tumors with high precision. This method may kill tumor cells with fewer doses of radiation over a shorter period and cause less damage to normal tissue. Immunotherapy with monoclonal antibodies, such as nivolumab, ipilimumab, avelumab, and pembrolizumab, may help the body's immune system attack the cancer, and may interfere with the ability of tumor cells to grow and spread. Axitinib, cabozantinib, and lenvatinib are in a class of medications called antiangiogenic agents. They work by stopping the formation of blood vessels that bring oxygen and nutrients to tumor. This may slow the growth and spread of tumor. Giving SABR in combination with standard of care immunotherapy may help shrink or stabilize the cancer in patients with renal cell cancer.
Recruiting1 award Phase 221 criteria

More about Debra M. Prow

Clinical Trial Related4 years of experience running clinical trials · Led 125 trials as a Principal Investigator · 75 Active Clinical Trials
Treatments Debra M. Prow has experience with
  • Nivolumab
  • Carboplatin
  • Pembrolizumab
  • Atezolizumab
  • Ipilimumab
  • Paclitaxel

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Frequently asked questions

Do I need insurance to participate in a trial?
Almost all clinical trials will cover the cost of the ‘trial drug’ — so no insurance is required for this. For trials where this trial drug is given alongside an already-approved medication, there may be a cost (which your insurance would normally cover).
What does Debra M. Prow specialize in?
Debra M. Prow focuses on Cancer and Lung Cancer. In particular, much of their work with Cancer has involved Stage IV patients, or patients who are metastatic.
Is Debra M. Prow currently recruiting for clinical trials?
Yes, Debra M. Prow is currently recruiting for 67 clinical trials in Ames Iowa. If you're interested in participating, you should apply.
Are there any treatments that Debra M. Prow has studied deeply?
Yes, Debra M. Prow has studied treatments such as Nivolumab, Carboplatin, Pembrolizumab.
What is the best way to schedule an appointment with Debra M. Prow?
Apply for one of the trials that Debra M. Prow is conducting. You can see the trials here.
What is the office address of Debra M. Prow?
The office of Debra M. Prow is located at:

McFarland Clinic PC - Ames,
Ames, Iowa 50010
United States

This is the address for their practice at the McFarland Clinic PC - Ames.
Is there any support for travel costs?
The coverage of travel expenses can vary greatly between different clinical trials. Please see more financial detail in the trials you’re interested to apply.