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Lamictal is an anticonvulsant medication that has mood-stabilizing properties. It's used for the treatment of manic episodes in patients with Bipolar Disorder. It's also used for the treatment of Epilepsy and other seizure disorders.

Lamictal is also prescribed off-label to stabilize mood swings in patients with Borderline Personality Disorder. However, it continues to be studied further for its effectiveness in treating mood disorders in adolescents and newly diagnosed Epilepsy.

What are Lamictal Clinical Trials?

Lamictal is already FDA approved as a safe and effective treatment for Epilepsy and other seizure disorders.

However, it's still technically in the Phase 3 Clinical Trials for the treatment of Bipolar Disorder even though many patients with this disorder are already reaping the benefits of Lamictal.

Unsurprisingly, the current Phase 3 trials on the use of Lamictal for Bipolar Disorder look promising according to the most recently posted updates.

Lamictal has already been studied for its effectiveness in treating newly diagnosed Epilepsy.The study found that patients reported less severe seizures and fewer episodes after having been treated with Lamictal.

Researchers have also conducted studies to find out whether Lamictal works best when or if solo treatment is sufficient. This 2003 study launched the use of Lamictal as an adjunct therapy for Bipolar Disorder.

Additionally, the safety of Lamictal in pediatric patients continues to be evaluated as well as its effectiveness as an adjunct treatment for already treated partial seizure disorders.

Why is Lamictal Being Studied in Clinical Trials?

Many seizure medications, including Depakote and Tegretol, have been found to be effective at treating Bipolar Disorder.

Therefore, it's only natural for researchers to conduct studies to find out more about the mood stabilization benefits of Lamictal. So far, the results are promising.

Additionally, there are different types and severities of epileptic seizure disorders. Researchers are still trying to determine which types of disorders Lamictal works best for.

Of course, further consideration is necessary when prescribing any medications to pediatric patients- Lamictal included.

How Does Lamictal Treatment Work?

Researchers compared data from multiple studies to better understand how Lamictal works for the treatment of mood and seizure disorders.

With regards to Bipolar Disorder, Lamictal works by inhibiting the release of glutamate in the brain thereby reducing fluctuations in mood, similarly to how Lithium works.

Although researchers still don't know exactly how Lamictal works to reduce and prevent seizures, it's believed that its impact on sodium and chloride channels plays a big role.

What are Some of the Breakthrough Clinical Trials Involving Lamictal?

The biggest breakthrough studies found Lamictal to be an effective treatment for Epilepsy and classified the medication as an anticonvulsant without fully understanding it.

Once studies had proven that Lamictal also works as a mood stabilizer and many other anticonvulsant medications do, this medication became one more treatment option for people with either mood or seizure disorders.

Who are the Key Opinion Leaders on Lamictal Clinical Trials Research?

Key opinion leaders have been polled for their expert opinions on available treatment for Epilepsy, including their own patient's responses to Lamictal.

Additionally, physicians from the American Medical Association have conducted further trials on the effectiveness of both generic and brand name Lamictal. These leaders continue to have a strong voice in the pharmaceutical industry.

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