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What Are Invega Clinical Trials?

Invega is a medication given to patients who require treatment for schizophrenia and related mental disorders. Its generic form is known as Paliperidone, which accomplishes the same thing as the brand form. The twice-yearly dosage of the drug Invega, aka paliperidone palmitate in its generic form, is the only one of its kind and is prescribed by doctors for adults with schizophrenia.

In November 2020 Janssen Pharmaceuticals, the Belgian developer of the drug, submitted the supplemental new drug application to the United States Food and Drug Administration for approval. This particular approval request was for the generic form, paliperidone palmitate for a six-month treatment period. Prior to this, the drug was previously approved by the FDA in 2006. At that time the stated use was for the acute and maintenance treatment of the mental disorder.

Why Is Invega Being Studied In Clinical Trials?

This study focuses on its generic form, paliperidone palmitate. The purpose of this particular study is to illustrate how a single administration of these injection cycles within a six-month period are not any less effective than two consecutively administered injections within a three-month period. The ultimate goal is to prevent relapses in participants who have been diagnosed with schizophrenia disorder.

How Does Invega Treatment Work?

Invega, or its generic form paliperidone, comes as a liquid that gets injected into the muscle of a patient by a certified healthcare provider. There is a systematic method by which the paliperidone is injected into the patient with schizophrenia. There are three stages of injection products: Invega Sustenna, Invega Trinza, and Invega Hafyera. The treatment plans is as follows.

Your doctor will begin with one dose of the Invega Sustenna. This will be followed by a second dose one week later, then once per month after that. The goal is to see how you respond to the treatment after at least four months.

If you have responded well to the Invega Sustenna, your doctor will move forward with the Invega Trinza. Expect that to be administered once every three months. If all goes well with that, the same doctor will move you to the extended-release injection known as Invega Hafyera. This will be given to you once every six months from this point forward.

What Are Some Breakthrough Clinical Trials Involving Invega?

2019: Safety and Tolearability of Paliperidone Palmitate

This study was conducted in order to evaluate the tolerability and safety of paliperidone palmitate, the generic form of Invega, over a 9-week period in Korean participants diagnosed with schizophrenia. No results were posted as of the completion date of November 29, 2019.

Who Are the Key Opinion Leaders On Invega Clinical Trial Research?

Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Study Investigators were Janssen Korea, Ltd., Korea Clinical Trial

Responsible Party was Janssen Korea, Ltd., Korea

Founder Paul Janssen began this company in 1953 in Beerse, Belgium. It is a wholly-owned company whose parent is Johnson & Johnson. Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is the developer of Invega.

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