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Text Message Support for Alcohol Abuse

Led By Bonnie Rowland, MA
Research Sponsored by Boston University Charles River Campus
Eligibility Criteria Checklist
Specific guidelines that determine who can or cannot participate in a clinical trial
Must have
Be between 18 and 65 years old
Screening 3 weeks
Treatment Varies
Follow Up assessed at baseline and 3-month follow-up
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This trial aims to study the effectiveness of using text messaging as a booster to a current alcohol intervention program for college students. College students often do not seek help for their heavy alcohol use, and brief alcohol

Who is the study for?
This study is for college students who engage in heavy or hazardous drinking and are not actively seeking treatment. Participants must be willing to complete baseline measures and can't be involved in other alcohol intervention studies.Check my eligibility
What is being tested?
The trial tests if a text-messaging booster can improve the effectiveness of an existing online brief alcohol intervention, eCHECKUP TO GO. Students will randomly receive either just assessments, the brief intervention alone, or the intervention with text boosters.See study design
What are the potential side effects?
There may not be direct 'side effects' like with medications, but participants might experience discomfort discussing their drinking habits or receive unwanted messages that could affect their daily routine.


Screening ~ 3 weeks
Treatment ~ Varies
Follow Up ~assessed at baseline and 3-month follow-up
This trial's timeline: 3 weeks for screening, Varies for treatment, and assessed at baseline and 3-month follow-up for reporting.

Treatment Details

Study Objectives

Outcome measures can provide a clearer picture of what you can expect from a treatment.
Primary outcome measures
Alcohol-related negative consequences
Heavy drinking episodes

Trial Design

3Treatment groups
Experimental Treatment
Active Control
Group I: Enhanced InterventionExperimental Treatment2 Interventions
Brief alcohol intervention, eCHECKUP TO GO, + 4 weeks of text messaging boosters (Monday, Thursday-Sunday)
Group II: Intervention (BAI) OnlyActive Control1 Intervention
Only the brief alcohol intervention, eCHECKUP TO GO, is administered to this group
Group III: Assessment OnlyActive Control1 Intervention
Assessment only condition, no intervention material delivered to this group
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Who is running the clinical trial?

Boston University Charles River CampusLead Sponsor
116 Previous Clinical Trials
11,902 Total Patients Enrolled
Bonnie Rowland, MAPrincipal InvestigatorBoston University Charles River Campus
~86 spots leftby May 2025