Empagliflozin + Potassium Nitrate (KNO3) for Diastolic Heart Failure

Phase-Based Progress Estimates
Diastolic Heart FailureEmpagliflozin + Potassium Nitrate - Drug
18 - 90
All Sexes
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Study Summary

This trial will test if two drugs can improve exercise endurance and muscle function in people with heart failure.

Eligible Conditions
  • Diastolic Heart Failure

Treatment Effectiveness

Effectiveness Progress

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Study Objectives

1 Primary · 12 Secondary · Reporting Duration: Week 6

Week 6
Ambulatory Physical Activity
Intramuscular Perfusion
Intramyocardial Filling Pressure
KCCQ Overall Summary Score
Muscle Metabolome
Muscle Proteome
Muscle Tissue
Respiratory Exchange Ratio
Skeletal Muscle Oxidative Capacity
Submaximal Exercise Endurance
VO2 Efficiency
VO2 Kinetics
Vasodilatory Reserve
Venous Substrate Concentration

Trial Safety

Safety Progress

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This is further along than 68% of similar trials

Trial Design

3 Treatment Groups

Empagliflozin + Potassium Nitrate (KNO3)
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Empagliflozin + Potassium Chloride (KCl)
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Potassium Chloride (KCl) + Placebo for Empa
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Active Control

Non-Treatment Group

53 Total Participants · 3 Treatment Groups

Primary Treatment: Empagliflozin + Potassium Nitrate (KNO3) · Has Placebo Group · Phase 2

Empagliflozin + Potassium Nitrate (KNO3)
ActiveComparator Group · 1 Intervention: Empagliflozin + Potassium Nitrate · Intervention Types: Drug
Empagliflozin + Potassium Chloride (KCl)
ActiveComparator Group · 1 Intervention: Empagliflozin + Potassium Chloride · Intervention Types: Drug
Potassium Chloride (KCl) + Placebo for Empa
PlaceboComparator Group · 1 Intervention: Potassium Chloride + Placebo for Empagliflozin · Intervention Types: Drug

Trial Logistics

Trial Timeline

Screening: ~3 weeks
Treatment: Varies
Reporting: week 6

Who is running the clinical trial?

University of PennsylvaniaLead Sponsor
1,841 Previous Clinical Trials
41,126,363 Total Patients Enrolled
Payman Zamani, MDPrincipal InvestigatorUniversity of Pennsylvania
1 Previous Clinical Trials
76 Total Patients Enrolled

Eligibility Criteria

Age 18 - 90 · All Participants · 7 Total Inclusion Criteria

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