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CAR T-cell Therapy

CTX120 for Multiple Myeloma

Phase 1
Waitlist Available
Research Sponsored by CRISPR Therapeutics AG
Eligibility Criteria Checklist
Specific guidelines that determine who can or cannot participate in a clinical trial
Must have
Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group performance status 0 or 1
Relapsed or refractory multiple myeloma, as defined by IMWG response criteria and treatment with at least 2 prior lines of therapy
Must not have
Be younger than 18 years old
Screening 3 weeks
Treatment Varies
Follow Upfrom ctx120 infusion up to 60 months post-infusion
Awards & highlights
No Placebo-Only Group

Study Summary

This trial is testing a new drug for safety and effectiveness in patients who have multiple myeloma that has returned after treatment or is resistant to treatment.

Eligible Conditions
  • Multiple Myeloma

Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion Criteria

You will be eligible if you check “Yes” for the criteria below
You are in good enough physical shape to perform daily activities without assistance.
You have multiple myeloma that has come back after treatment, and you have already tried at least two different treatments.
Your kidneys, liver, heart, and lungs are working well.


Screening ~ 3 weeks
Treatment ~ Varies
Follow Up ~from ctx120 infusion up to 60 months post-infusion
This trial's timeline: 3 weeks for screening, Varies for treatment, and from ctx120 infusion up to 60 months post-infusion for reporting.

Treatment Details

Study Objectives

Outcome measures can provide a clearer picture of what you can expect from a treatment.
Primary outcome measures
Part A (dose escalation): Incidence of adverse events
Part B (cohort expansion): Objective response rate
Secondary outcome measures
Overall Survival
Progression Free Survival

Awards & Highlights

No Placebo-Only Group
All patients enrolled in this study will receive some form of active treatment.

Trial Design

1Treatment groups
Experimental Treatment
Group I: CTX120Experimental Treatment1 Intervention
Administered by IV infusion following lymphodepleting chemotherapy.

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Who is running the clinical trial?

CRISPR Therapeutics AGLead Sponsor
7 Previous Clinical Trials
796 Total Patients Enrolled
Annie Weaver, PhDStudy DirectorCRISPR Therapeutics
2 Previous Clinical Trials
347 Total Patients Enrolled
Ewelina Morawa, MDStudy DirectorCRISPR Therapeutics
1 Previous Clinical Trials
227 Total Patients Enrolled

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Frequently Asked Questions

These questions and answers are submitted by anonymous patients, and have not been verified by our internal team.

Does this trial have any open slots for enrollees at the moment?

"The clinicaltrials.gov listing for this medical trial reveals that it is not presently looking to include new candidates, despite having been initially posted on 1/22/2020 and lastly updated on 7/14/2022. Nonetheless, 807 other trials are currently accepting patients at this time."

Answered by AI

How many North American locations are currently conducting this clinical trial?

"As of now, this medical study is accepting patients at 5 select sites. These include the cities of Philadelphia, Chicago and Nashville as well as two other locations. To reduce travel needs, it would be beneficial to register with a clinic located in close proximity."

Answered by AI

Has CTX120 been granted official acceptance by the FDA?

"Our research team has concluded that CTX120 is likely safe, awarding it a score of 1. This assessment was made due to the Phase 1 trial status and limited evidence for efficacy or safety."

Answered by AI

Who else is applying?

What site did they apply to?
University Health Network, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre
What portion of applicants met pre-screening criteria?
Met criteria
How many prior treatments have patients received?
~11 spots leftby Nov 2026