Life Course Impacts Of Mild Intellectual Deficits

Mild intellectual deficits affect many people in the world. Intelligence tests have been conducted in various parts of the world to determine the number of people with mild intellectual deficits. The results claim that 15% of the total population has this condition. These individuals lack cognitive skills and have borderline IQs. People with an IQ score of 50 and above are likely to have mild intellectual deficits. Mental retardation impacts people's lives as they struggle to understand basic skills in day-to-day activities. Communication, reading, writing, etc., are challenging for them. 

What Are Mild Intellectual Disabilities?

People with mild intellectual disabilities have lower IQ levels, lack cognitive skills, struggle to communicate, and more. This condition impacts a person's adaptive functioning. It is necessary to complete day-to-day tasks. Almost 0.5 to 1.5 percent of the world population have mild intellectual disabilities. There are many causes regarding the same. 

Brain injury can make a person lose their cognitive skills and end up in the mild intellectual disability category. Apart from that, it can also occur during the pregnancy before the birth of a child. Genetic abnormality is one of the most significant reasons behind it. Several factors are involved in resulting in mild intellectual disability. There is no particular reason for this condition because it can happen to anyone at any time. 

Mental retardation symptoms are not similar for everyone. People face different ones depending upon their level of intellectual disability. The condition is divided into four parts- mild, moderate, severe, and profound. Some intellectual disabilities are not included in all these levels. They are regarded as "others." So, it depends from person to person. 

Health professionals can quickly identify the level of a person's intellectual disability after knowing the symptoms. That is why it is always better to consult them before taking further action. The life of an individual with mild intellectual disabilities is different from others as they cannot take part in most activities like other people. 

How Do You Help Someone With Mild Intellectual Disability?

Mild intellectual disabilities are prevalent in the world. The good thing is that people can help those who struggle with the same. If you want to help someone with a mild intellectual disability, you can start with the basics. These include giving them a hand to complete any activity or task, taking care of their needs, enjoying with them by doing the things they love, and more. You must ask them the things they wish to do and then plan everything accordingly. 

People with mild intellectual disabilities need love and support from others to get their lives on the right path. In a society, you should encourage everyone to help these individuals whenever possible to support them. 

Doctors can also provide ways to manage a person with a mild intellectual disability. The medications will be of great help in such a situation. The condition will become more manageable with the medicines. Therefore, you must find a suitable health professional for the treatment. 

Emotional and mental support are two things that every human being looks for. It becomes even more critical for someone who always gets criticized for their mental condition. So, you must focus on offering them the kind of love and support through small gestures. Well, caring for someone with mental retardation is overwhelming at times. However, you can bring some solutions by understanding your emotions profoundly. There are various ways to reduce the amount of stress. You can consider meditation and other related activities to help calm your mind and body. 

Can People With Mild Intellectual Disability Live Independently?

The condition of a person depends on what level of ID they have. Even though a mild intellectual disability is common among people, it doesn't make them helpless. After a while, they learn how to live independently without others' support. But that doesn't mean that they don't want help at all. They still wish for respect, love, and care from other people. 

What Are The 4 Levels Of Intellectual Disability?

  • Mild: People with an IQ level of 50 to 70 come under this category. 
  • Moderate: Individuals with an IQ level between 36-49 fall under this condition. 
  • Severe: The IQ range of 20-35 is considered severe. 
  • Profound: People with an IQ level below 20 come under this category. 


Mild intellectual disabilities impact a wide range of people in the world. Some individuals also find out about their condition much later in life. It is essential to take care of the people around you. If you find anyone having symptoms, you can take advice from a doctor.