Community Based Health Organisations

Community Based Health Organisations can be for-profit or non-profit centers that work in different segments of society to provide effective healthcare solutions. Community based health organizations also help adults with intellectual disabilities cope with their symptoms while remaining welcome members of their community. Such organizations rely on the organizational structure, knowledge of the employees regarding the services they provide, and all the resources available at their disposal. 

What is a community based health organization?

Community based health organizations represent a particular community by effectively providing healthcare services to all the community members. These organizations are significant stakeholders in the community because they ensure the collaboration of corporate culture with individual behaviors. Many healthcare facilities and services are provided to members of all communities across multiple disciplines. In its very essence, a community based health organization is driven by community members and relies on individuals' participation for its smooth functioning. The role of these organizations can range from specialized care to providing primary health services to marginalized individuals. 

What is the significance of community-based organizations in the community?

Community based health organizations are essential in both urban and rural contexts as they would help in better collaboration and communication. All the centers catering to a specific community might need to share resources and expertise if required. Community based health organizations help create a helpful network for service providers so that there is no service duplication and the patients can get the medical help they need across the diverse sections. 

Additionally, every community has specific marginalized sectors that require exposure to better healthcare services. These organizations can also provide specialized services to their doorstep. Many disadvantaged individuals in a community, like homeless people, sex workers, or drug users, can benefit from a community based health organization that treats every individual belonging to a community irrespective of their background. It would especially be helpful in treating addictions and sexually transmitted diseases. In the case of ID (intellectual disabilities), these organizations can create a healthy environment that does not reinforce unhealthy behaviors for adults on the path of recovery. 

Community based health organizations are beneficial in middle or low-income countries. In such countries, offering primary healthcare is a priority which can lead to the effective practice of preventive medicine. They would also help strengthen the healthcare network and communication between the healthcare providers working to serve the same community. 

How do community based organizations work?

Community based organizations work in active and advocacy roles in whatever sector they are involved in. For instance, in the healthcare system, they would not only be providing primary and specific healthcare services but would also be creating a robust health system. They can rely on volunteer work as well as social support. Most community based organizations work to provide a range of social services at a local level. The benefits are restricted to a specific area which helps to better focus on the needs of a particular community. Community based organizations have certain core functions that include creating goals and objectives based on problem identification. Then, through a series of planned steps and eventual implementation, community based organizations tackle social problems across different sectors of society. 

What is the role of Community in health promotion?

Positive health promotion is a process that can be better achieved if adopted by the entire community. Community engagement promotes good health and well-being through healthy behaviors, programs, and policies implemented within a particular community per their medical needs. Each community has people of different backgrounds. The root causes of health behaviors may be better tackled with specific approaches through a community based health organization. The community helps in health promotion in the following ways:

  • Aiming at better health of the community keeps the individuals healthy by reinforcing healthy behaviors. 
  • It unites the individuals of a community through programs and policies.
  • Health information can be accessed digitally, which helps improve the service to society without compromising time. 
  • It improves accessibility and allows people of all backgrounds and health backgrounds.
  • Working in collaboration with local healthcare organizations for prompt action.


Community based organizations are made to provide social support systems to individuals in a neighborhood across different sectors. In the healthcare system, community based organizations can promote healthy behaviors that can improve the recovery time and the response time of the local caregivers in an emergency. Working through planning, problem recognition, and implementation of solutions can create a culture with efficient medical services. These organizations strengthen the collaboration between the healthcare system and all the members of the community, irrespective of their backgrounds or medical history.