Introducing Power for Sites: The Only Self Serve Patient Recruitment Marketplace

One place for patients and researchers to connect with each other seamlessly.
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by Brandon Li & Michael “Bask” Gill, Co-Founders The clinical trial experience sucks. That was the spark that started us on this journey. Personally coming face to face with trying to find treatment options for loved ones, showed us how painfully difficult it is to navigate the current system. We launched Power one year ago, to equalize access for all patients looking for clinical trials. Power is the most patient-friendly site for discovering and connecting with clinical researchers. With Power, patients can search for leading medical research for their specific conditions, in their specific geographies, and filter by their specific requirements. We translated clinical trial medical jargon to plain English so anyone can actually understand what the research is about. Because let’s face it, was just not cutting it. In 2022, we had 300k patients search for trials, and we referred patients to over 6,000 trials. We were the fastest growing clinical trial website for patients. Power is replacing clinicaltrials.govAnd when we launched Power for patients, we got an overwhelming response from researchers. Because, just like patients are looking for clinical trials, researchers are looking for patients. We’ve spent the last couple of months in a closed beta with some of the top CROs, medical institutions, and site networks and the feedback has been tremendous. We have over 50 partners on our platform and every piece of feedback centers on the same thing: Clinical trial recruitment is difficult. Power makes it easy.Today, we’re thrilled to announce that we’re doing an open beta of Power’s patient recruitment marketplace for sites. This product was built to unlock a whole new patient pool for trials that are recruiting, and to take the next step in unblocking the clinical trial system. By allowing patients and sites to connect seamlessly, we’re one step closer to unblocking medical innovation.Map of patients
Shifting the paradigm: the empowered patientTraditionally, research sites have relied on recruiting patients that they currently serve. Typically this happens at large, prestigious medical institutions plus a handful of practices in the community. Here’s the problem: less than 5% of physicians participate in research. And their patients are the ones who are most likely to be afforded access.We started Power when we realized patients are trying to go direct. Patients are looking for the latest medical research. But the system has made it too difficult to figure out how to participate. So we made it easy for the 95% of patients that do not have a relationship with participating researchers. Now, we’re allowing sites to connect with these patients directly on Power.
What this means for sites: self-serve access to new patientsIn our open beta, sites can verify their trials, and start matching with patients in literally minutes. We invite you to try it out for yourself, for free. Verify your trial informationFirst, researchers can verify that their sites are actively recruiting for a trial.Researchers can upload IRB-approved trial information to help patients understand the study: plain language descriptions, logistical support, travel stipends, and visiting requirements. Plus, each clinical trial can customize their pre-screener questionnaire, which patients will be filling out upon matching. It takes less than 10 minutes to set this all up.Power trial card details
Continuous recruitment: match with patients as they’re searchingOnce the trial info is verified, there is no further set up. Researchers can begin matching with patients who are actively looking for trials. With full visibility into pre-screening responses, recruiting teams can quickly determine if patients are not likely to be eligible and focus on high-intent, high-eligibility patients.Our researchers screen 2x more often because the patients on our platform actually answer the phone. And they also cut their screening time in half because they can focus on the right patients.Power Site Staff Portal Referrals Page
Act on insightsWe provide real-time insights into recruitment performance so researchers can see where patients are dropping off in the process, what demographics they represent, and what pre-screening questions are difficult to answer. Researchers can go in and change pre-screening questions in real time to improve the funnel, and make fast decisions to augment staffing or change the contact strategy.Power analytics dashboard for clinical trial sites.
This is just the beginningOur goal is to dramatically improve the ways in which patients and researchers connect to advance medical research.We started by making leading research options more accessible to all patients, regardless of location, ethnicity, or socioeconomic background.Today, we are closing the loop by inviting researchers to meet patients where they are: on Power.