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Pharmaceutical innovations happen all the time, enabling doctors to treat patients' ongoing complaints with new techniques. One of these innovations is called Treximet, formerly known as Trexima and it is a drug designed to treat acute migraine in patients 12 and older. Treximet is available in both generic and name-brand formulations and has a history of clinical study.

What Are Treximet Clinical Trials?

Treximet and its similarly named products have been the subject of 33 different clinical trials as shared by the U.S. National Library of Medicine. Treximate contains sumatriptan and the more commonly known naproxen sodium. The combination of these two drugs blends naproxen sodium's well-known NSAID painkiller functionality with sumatriptan as a selective 5-hydroxytryptamine1 20 receptor subtype agonist. Clinical trials have been testing this drug combination to see if it can both alleviate migraine pain as well as help to cease migraine symptoms.

Why Is Treximet Being Studied In Clinical Trials?

Treximet Clinical Trials seek to study both the effectiveness and the side effects of Treximet treatment for migraine. Additional studies have worked to show whether this drug may treat other types of chronic headaches, such as headaches after trauma or non-migraine headaches. Some studies have worked to compare this treatment for prevention of symptoms, treatment of symptoms, and cessation of symptoms too. Treximet studies have involved adults of different ages and gender, comparing the effectiveness of this treatment.

How Does Treximet Treatment Work?

Treximet Clinical Trials and consumer data have shown that within 2 hours of taking Treximet, the blood vessels in the brain begin to constrict and overall inflammation begins to reduce. In diagnosed migraine sufferers, this has been shown to provide relief not only from pain, but also from aura, nausea, and sensitivity to light. Treximet has been shown to work best when taken close to the onset of migraine symptoms.

What Are Some of the Breakthrough Clinical Trials Involving Treximet?

Treximet Clinical Trials have noted several landmark studies involving migraine relief in recent years. Some of the most notable studies are:

Due to its many years-long use and study, Treximet studies are plentiful and provide a wide variety of data on this particular pharmaceutical and its effectiveness at treating different migraine conditions.

Who Are The Key Opinion Leaders On Treximet Clinical Trial Research?

GlaxoSmithKline is a leading collaborator in Treximet research, participating with medical experts including Roger Cady M.D., a recent recipient of the National Headache Foundation’s Special Lifetime Achievement in Primary Care Headache Medicine and a lifelong neurology expert in the study of migraines. Jennifer S. Kriegler, MD is another name of note. Dr. Kriegler is the former Director of the Headache Medicine Fellowship at Cleveland Clinic and a nationally recognized name in headache medicine.

With the widespread use of Treximet, new insights and research results are surely on the horizon too.

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