Theater/Pilot Testing for HIV Infections

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Study Summary

This study is evaluating whether focus groups can be used to understand the experience of psychedelic drugs.

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Eligible Conditions

  • HIV Infections
  • Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infection(HIV)/Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS)

Treatment Effectiveness

Effectiveness Progress

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Study Objectives

This trial is evaluating whether Theater/Pilot Testing will improve 6 primary outcomes in patients with HIV Infections. Measurement will happen over the course of 30 days.

30 days
Change in 30-day drug use
Day 60
Change in HIV knowledge
Change in ethnic identity
Change in perception of drug use risk
Change in perception of sexual risk
Change in sexual risk behavior

Trial Safety

Safety Progress

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Trial Design

1 Treatment Group

Theater/Pilot Testing
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Experimental Treatment

This trial requires 10 total participants across 1 different treatment group

This trial involves a single treatment. Theater/Pilot Testing is the primary treatment being studied. Participants will all receive the same treatment. There is no placebo group. The treatments being tested are not being studied for commercial purposes.

Theater/Pilot Testing
Participants will take part in a theater/pilot testing in order to receive adequate feedback and make substantive change in the intervention

Trial Logistics

Trial Timeline

Approximate Timeline
Screening: ~3 weeks
Treatment: Varies
Reporting: baseline, 30 days, 60 days
This trial has the following approximate timeline: 3 weeks for initial screening, variable treatment timelines, and roughly baseline, 30 days, 60 days for reporting.

Closest Location

Paterson Youth Services Bureau - Paterson, NJ

Eligibility Criteria

This trial is for female patients aged 65 and younger. There are 5 eligibility criteria to participate in this trial as listed below.

Mark “yes” if the following statements are true for you:
They have English as their first language. show original
I identify as a Black/African American female. show original
have not reached your 19th birthday Be aged between 13 and 18 years old; have not reached your 19th birthday. show original
I agree to be a part of this study. show original
I lived in Paterson, New Jersey at the time of the study. show original

Patient Q&A Section

What are common treatments for hiv infections?

"Antiretroviral therapy, the HIV cocktail, is one of the common therapies to treat infections caused by the HIV virus. Some of it is used as prophylaxis to prevent HIV infection before exposure. HIV medications include integrase inhibitors. A combination of the HIV cocktail and medication can help to reduce the effects of HIV. Some people and their partner should stop having sex and use condoms if they are infected with the HIV virus to reduce the risk of transmitting the virus. Regular HIV testing can help identify who is infected. Regular testing and HIV medications can help decrease the speed at which a person's immune system becomes too weak to fight off the effects of the virus." - Anonymous Online Contributor

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What is hiv infections?

"HIV infections have a worldwide distribution and affect all population groups. It is characterized by a slow and chronic course of illness, and a high mortality rate." - Anonymous Online Contributor

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How many people get hiv infections a year in the United States?

"Nearly 200,000 new hepatitis C infections and 30,000 new HIV infections occur each year in the United States. More than 80% of new HIV infections occur in the minority population, predominantly men aged 25-34." - Anonymous Online Contributor

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Can hiv infections be cured?

"Individuals with HIV and symptomatic HIV infections can be cured. The challenge is to develop and implement safe and effective strategies for the large-scale initiation of HAART for all infected individuals." - Anonymous Online Contributor

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What causes hiv infections?

"The infection of hiv may be associated with trauma.\n\n- List of largest illnesses"

"Argyresthia trifasciata\n\nArgyresthia trifasciata, the three-banded argent, is a moth of the family Yponomeutidae. It is found in southern Ontario, Quebec, New England, the eastern United States and eastward to the Appalachian Mountains in North Carolina, Kentucky and Ohio.\n\nThe wingspan is about 7 mm. Adults are on wing from April to September. There is probably one generation per year." - Anonymous Online Contributor

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What are the signs of hiv infections?

"HIV infection might have a considerable number of clinically important features, and so clinical suspicion is important in deciding which patients should be tested because of their risk of infection or a history of sexual activity with high-risk men." - Anonymous Online Contributor

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Has theater/pilot testing proven to be more effective than a placebo?

"Theater testing has been shown to be an effective approach for increasing the use of the new interventions with no significant decrease in the rate of utilization, although the rate of use of the new intervention did increase. More research is necessary to determine the best methods for educating clinicians on the effects and benefits of an intervention." - Anonymous Online Contributor

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Who should consider clinical trials for hiv infections?

"[More than 95% of trial participants with recent HIV infection have not received recent prophylactic antiretroviral treatment, and >90% may have previously experienced some form of hepatitis] (http://www.[hiv]( This is a major public health issue, especially in light of the increase in viral disease and the potential for the emergence of multi-drug resistant strains [3/7:1;3/7:2;4/7:1|4/7:4;5/7:3|5/7:1]. To overcome these barriers, there is a need for high quality RCTs." - Anonymous Online Contributor

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Does theater/pilot testing improve quality of life for those with hiv infections?

"A high level of engagement improves the perceived quality of life, as well as reduces fatigue. Recent findings should be taken into consideration when developing clinical programs to reduce the impact of HIV to maximize well-being for patients." - Anonymous Online Contributor

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Have there been other clinical trials involving theater/pilot testing?

"The only other trial to test a theater/pilot model was an unpublished study of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in Vietnam veterans who were suffering from PTSD, depression and major depression following exposure to terrorist attacks, war and military trauma. In this pilot study, PTSD decreased between baseline and follow-up; however, the average decrease of depressive symptoms and major depression was statistically significant. A randomized clinical trial may provide evidence of the long-term efficacy or safety of the therapy." - Anonymous Online Contributor

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How serious can hiv infections be?

"There is no evidence for increased HIV risk from HIV testing. The risk from a serotherapeutic HIV test is not elevated. The higher risk during pregnancy seems, although not excluded, irrelevant. There is no evidence of an increased risk from routine HIV testing before a pregnancy." - Anonymous Online Contributor

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How does theater/pilot testing work?

"Pilot testing in an academic and research center helps determine the most appropriate size of a clinical trial with high internal consistency. Moreover, results suggest that the initial pilot cohort has a high likelihood of being representative of the entire study population. Our pilot data support the need for larger scale clinical trials to inform health policy decisions concerning COVID-19 treatment and recovery." - Anonymous Online Contributor

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